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Yearly, Self-Destructive Gaming


The month of May is, for me, a month of feverish gaming. I would suspect that it is also a month of feverish gaming for each and every student out there for one reason, and one reason only: there are things that we should be doing otherwise.

Yes indeed, I'm talking studying for exams, finishing projects and handing in assignments. It would seem that, in order to escape the horrors of college reality, I throw myself wholeheartedly into binge gaming; replaying old games that you got so close to finishing seems to be a favourite topic.

This year has been no exception, as this has been hand-in-your-fucking-assignments month. Oh yes, I have completed my assignments, but all have been done in the wee hours the morning before they are due. What really matters is that I finally started (and completed) Metroid Fusion, bought a new copy of MGS2 and completed it on Hard with the vast majority of dog-tags, started Pokémon Sapphire and Pearl and am now challenging the Elite Four in both. Fucking Pokémon. Fuck you.

Anyway, I seriously doubt this is something that affects only me. Does anyone else binge-game in an effort to avoid/forget assignments and exams?

**also, Metroid Fusion is so fucking good. Why did no one tell me?
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