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State of gaming (abridged)... plus pics

Wait, his level!? It's under 1000!!?!?!?!!11

Woohoo, my one goal in life was to get my destructoid rank past 1000.. and i did it.. i can't believe it oh my god.


I was planning to write a post entitled 'the state of gaming in NZ'. But with gta4 being out i don't think i'll have the time to do it justice so will just give a more bloggy version.

It was meant to outline the fact that nz was a country raised on sega rather than nintendo (i think as a result, nintendo wii never sold out properly here). Where outdoor gaming advertising is everywhere (from the hoo-haa kotaku makes of billboards and posters i assume this is not the case in America?), and where playstation 3 owners think they can sell their console second hand for more than it costs in a store (umm, k)

Please, correct me if you know of a better Arcade. I would genuinely like to visit it.

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