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News in Film : New Spirit Trailer, Joker Pictures, and Hulk/Iron Man Crossover

Hey guys! Bet you didn't expect to see one of these anytime soon eh? Yeah well I admit I haven't been keeping things in the spotlight, but I wouldn't want to ruin the movie on it's big day. Besides, I've seen alot of movie blogs here and enjoy reading all of them. Well you didn't come to hear me blog about blogs. On with the goods! First..

The Hulk is getting saucy. Apparently there's a Iron Man and Hulk crossover, but only in the Hulk movie. YES I know I posted this before (back in Janurary. Ohhhh I'm good), but back then it was only a rumor for the new Avengers film. Now it's been confirmed! From the article :

They also confirmed that Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark will appear in the movie and they showed a clip of Downey Jr. walking into a seedy bar and meeting General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) to talk about his "problem."

Now admittingly, I have never picked up The Spirit, but you guys know me. I'm a comic fanatic! So anyways, I guess I should pick it up. Besides, anything Frank Miller does makes me remember why I have a penis. His manly, over-the-top action titles such as Sin City, 300, and not to mention his awesome comic book style definitely makes me want to stab stuff with my penis. Is there anything more manly? Here's the poster and clip.

Last, the final Joker pics! Surprisingly these are actually old pictures. They were leaked on April 7th, but were quickly taken down the same day! Luckily your buddy Snail has taken the liberty of not deleting all his old junk on the ol photobucket account.

You've been servered Destructoid! Which movie are you anticipating?

PS - Many more Snaileb blogs today. Sorry I haven't been around, but I has no PC, and am blocked from Dtoid at work.

Cry me a river.
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