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Games with a special Place in your Heart

Every gamer has them - those games that bring back memories of old times and nostalgic feelings. Games that make you think back of how great it was to play them and whenever you hear a bit of music, read an article or see screenshots of that game you can't help but adore those good-old times. Yesterday there was such a moment, when I read an article on the Enix/Quintent Soulblazer-trilogy:

The game I'm talking about is Terranigma on the SNES and I want to bring you a detailed blog about it next Sunday if all goes according to plan. Although to the most gamers of the SNES era it hasn't had such a big impact it certainly had on me - but that's what makes it even more unique and important to myself.

In the meantime, what are your games, that bring back those memories and are special to you?
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