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Back to Basics : Dreamcast


Since XBL was down and I couldn't download the new COD4 map packs, I pissed myself in anger. After wallowing in my own filth, I cleaned up and decided it was time to realize that the 360 could not supply my every gaming need. Such is the timing of the universe, I got a package in the mail from resident dtoider Mr.Wilson the same day I was taking a 360 break and playing my Playstation 2. It just so happen to be a Dreamcast! (OMG)

With two controllers, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and some Powerstone I was set. Up until 4am with caffeine pumping threw my veins and crust in my eye, it reminded me of better times. I looked up codes for every game I had, since the 360 won't let you earn achievements using codes I tend to stay away. It was worth it though, from playing through Sonic Adventure to just goofing off in Crazy Taxi.

It did take me a while to find a memory card though. I just found out our town has a Play N Trade, and I even got a job there! I'm actually doing engineering, but this is going to be my 2nd job. I'm even thinking about quitting my real job, before I become one of these older people that decay at the computer in his 8-5 desk job.

Does anyone remember their fondest nostalgic memory? What's a good Dreamcast game to buy? Learn me some games Destructoid!

Also, are component cables an actual reality for the Dreamcast?
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