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Setting Gamers Back 20 Years : The Eternal Bitch Fit Solution

Giant wall of text incoming. It's early, I'm tired so forgive me if half of this makes no sense. This does need to be said though, I wouldn't want our precious c-blogs to become the rants and raves section from a Craigslist site because buttsore gamers feel they have to let you know that they have "chosen a side". This may come off as hypocritical to some, but I will still try to make some valid points. So read on if you can!

Good Morning Destructoid. It's 8 o' clock in the morning, and what's the first thing every Destructoid fanboy does when he's online at such an ungodly hour? Well after you get past the front page with reviews, rumormills and top notch journalism, you can visit the community blogs.

These things have become a tool for gamers like us, and sometimes we tend to abuse them more often than not. Of course it's for fun most of the time, usually it's harmless behavior for the most part. Then sometimes in the morning you can catch people that use the community blogs as a soapbox who want everyone to know what they think of this and why we should do that. While spreading ones thoughts and pushing your opinions aren't exactly a bad thing unless you're just being a complete jerk, which has been happening alot more lately, but it's in the wake of nerd rage that the community blogs stop being sensible and start becoming your nerdy weapons of fanboy vengeance.

These kinds of bitch fits are painful to read, and I hounestly cannot keep quiet while gamers continue to tear themselves apart. By now I'm sure you're going to assume I'm talking about the recent explosion over the Xbox Live downtime over the weekend. While I was angry at Microsoft and the only reason being is because I pay for my usual flawless online experince, it isn't enough for me to actually get online and rally people together for a massive bitch fit. I realize it's nearly impossible to kick the dog while it's down, but this goes back to my second paragraph. Technically I'm just another jerk on his soapbox. So instead of whinning and sniviling like little e-tards, why can't we STFUAJPGs? You know what I did while XBL was down? I played Dreamcast. If I had a Playstation 3, I most likely would've been using that too.

I know that paying 4 bucks a month for your online can be crazy, and I know that when the servers are down there will be people that will complain, that will fight, and will use this to further exploit their fanboy vengeance. Why people would want to fight over a console or faceless company is beyond me, and I can remember a time when Destructoid really didn't have this problem. At first every site has their birth pains, but at one time the community really didn't have a problem with other peoples preferences.

Making these "STFUAJPGs" c-blogs just wont cut it, because people just won't get it. Meaning, this whole rant I made seems in vain. Now I don't mean for everyone to just ignore the flaws or online malfunctions, I don't want people to forget you need games to have a good system, and of course I want people to know that even if it's a kids console, you can still have fun. But what I do ask, is that when you feel the need to set gamers back by having this eternal bitch fit since the NES and SEGA days, to just take a deep breath, step away from the keyboard, and just remember it's the internet. It's for fun! We can all have our games and play them too.

Yeah, this is kind of a rant, and yes it is kind of hypocritical. I too can be judging, even when I think I'm not. So hopefully this long rant from a tired gamer will not only be a reminder to myself, but also something that will help us understand that we can ignore the feeling in our gut to let the internet know how wrong they are. To continue with life even if your nerd rage is brimming with tripe ready to flow out of your mouth like a faucet for bullshit. If you can do this, then you will eventually be respected for your opinions and maybe even become wiser in your travels through the internet.

More of your time will be about having fun and being up above it rather than bringing other people down in it.
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