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Unreal Chains Of Solid Gears: The Graphic Novel


This weekend, being forced to head home to help out my family in the garden, I decided to do something that I haven't done in a while. You know- buy games.

With my DS and I in marriage counselling, I picked up Chains of Olympus, Portable Ops Plus, the MGS Graphic Novel and Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC. 100 spent without remorse, it's been a while since I felt so wonderfully buried in a sea of games.

All games covered fairly well. Chains; Beautiful but uncomfortably short (like Natalie Portman), Portable Ops Plus is an old friend who has some new stories to tell and Unreal Tournament 3 splutters and wheezes like an exhausted greasy hooker when I try and run it on my laptop. What I was really surprised with was the Digital Graphic Novel.

I really like it.

Having read some comics on my PSP before and mildly enjoying them, I assumed that this would be much the same. Static images, flicking through the pages, yadda yadda. But wait (!), the same springy cardboardy motion that was in Portable Ops, but telling the MGS1 story? Hell yes! Why they didn't draft in Mr Hayter et al to do the voicework for it is beyond me though. They worked so well in PO, the static cutscenes with dialogue, that it seems a bit... empty without it. Anyone who has seen those ads for Audio Description services will know what I mean, ambient background noises with mute characters is disconcerting.

Still though, I really like it.

Have you guys played it? What do you think?
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