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Not my Turning Point gaming rig...


Here goes my non Turning Point rig, a Gateway something-or-other laptop I bought a couple years back when I got my first decent paying job. Just so's ya know, this is my sole computer, nothing else in my pad.

What's that? It's sure as Hell not my Turning Point rig, I can guarantee that!

That there on the TV is a very shitty flick called The Rage. It's not the Carrie sequel, it's some other movie about a killer virus/zombie-mutants. It sucks hard. I nabbed it just because of Andrew Divoff, but even the Wishmaster couldn't save this flick. AVOID IT...

Widdle Wade there would look pretty slick sitting next to that Turning Point computer, eh?

I actually wasn't going to do one of these, but as the deadline approaches I decided that I would like a shot at that groovy new computer. I mean, I've never actually owned a "gaming" computer. Growing up we had outdated shit, and now that I have a computer of my own it's only real uses are iTunes, the internet, and MS Word. So, when a chance at a no cost to me gaming rig comes along I'd have to be a schmuck to pass it up, right?
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