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Frets on Fire Goes MP: GH3/Drums Mods


The open source Frets on Fire has finally gathered enough of a following for users to continue making songs; while others go for something more ambitious.

The above is an old version of one of what still is one of the most advanced modifications the game has ever seen; in which it takes emulating the gameplay of the popular Guitar Hero series. The mod modifies sound effects, the actual buttons that appear on the screen, and more cool things (all of which can be seen in the video above). However, one man has gone above and beyond the call of duty, by making an installer with two mods installed, which result in this:

anyone who has played Rock Band will immediately recognize what's going on in the above video: drums. The creator of the aforementioned installer added functionality for multiple instruments, those being Guitar, Drums, and Bass Guitar. Also added was the ability to play 2 of those at once; yes. Cereally. Also added was the ability to (FINALLY) use Star Power; which instead of hitting certain notes, is collected by hitting a certain number of notes. Still no online multiplayer, but you can finally play when you have friends over. Overall, I like how far this has advanced, and as soon as whammy bar functionality is added ill be the happiest guy in the world. I will leave you with an example of the new multiplayer feature (Picture in the background is messed up, but it plays fine so who cares?):

Far from being GH3, but not at all bad for free. So if you ever get the RROD and want an experience, remember this post. God knows I'm doing this with my Rock Band instruments until my 360 gets back. :(
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