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Friday Night Fights 34 : The Gang is all Here


New to the Destructoid gaming line up is ThurDSays, and it's today!
If you haven't been able to check out Dexter's new blog, check it out and play with us!

There's no way that I could have ever predicted this would happen. I never saw it coming, and back when the cblogs was an idea in Niero's big robotic Cuban brain, it never had a chance by itself. The idea became reality, and the communitoid stepped up to show us that we really can just STFUAJPG's, to some degree anyways.

Now we're in 2008, and there's never been a better time to be a gamer. With so many different ways to connect people online and play with each other, there's no excuse! If you haven't signed up on this wonderful gamers utopia of a website, now is the time. What better way to get to know the community is there than to play with them?

Truly the gang is all here. Tomorrow will be the official FNF post, and there will be an updated "the list" for all you wonderful people who have sent in or posted their information containing hundreds of Dtoiders, and thousands of screen names and handles. So make sure you catch it tomorrow, and make sure you're on there. That was the premise for FNF, no competition, no rules, but maybe a couple hosts just find each other to have some fun and social gaming. That is how FNF should be seen... until April 4th.

To explain, there's going to be a special post going up soon for a special FNF on April 4th*.There will be a chance to win big prizes and huge opportunities**, but only for those who are willing to shed a little blood and kill some terrorists. So be prepared, and make sure you catch the sign ups blog for the April 4th FNF to show us what you're made of, or you won't be able to compete. (More details and updates coming soon)

**(Sponsered by Workmeng and Co.)

Big thanks to WTF Joel and Mason Rhade, who have taken it upon themselves to be FNF's regular shoopers.
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