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Gaming Syndromes/Diseases #1: Leanitis & Jumperosis


When I was young and getting into gaming (back in the days of the NES and SNES) I used to find that I stood up alot when getting deep into multiplayer games, such as Duck Hunt or even Mario. As the years went on this continued but eventually died down after getting my PS2 about 2003. Until, I started playing Pro Evolution Soccer with mates, that is. When playing I no longer stand up but I find myself leaning towards the side of the opponents goal randomly when I get close and I start to rise as I'm about to shoot occasionally. With no other game does this ever happen, oddly enough.

Am I the only one who does this (well I can't be since Nintendo 64 kid and that german gamer exist), and have any other "tweaks" while gaming?

Also I figured it was time for an avatar change since I've had the last one for over a year so I went with Lupin the 3rd since I always get compared to him and plus I'm now 19 (less than a year till 20 :O.
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