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Destructoid influences my dreams... True story...

So after spending Friday night and most of Saturday at my youngest brother's adapted hockey tournament, and Sunday afternoon/early evening at my grandfather's 80th brithday party, I got home yesterday and played a bit of Brawl. A few online matches, a little bit of Subspace, finally unlocking R.O.B. (a.k.a. Nav-Com, suck on it Nintendo), and then I trekked on over to Destructoid to see what was up.

Evidently a whole lot was. I totally had no idea it was Niero/Dtoid's "Birthday-versary", and I spent the next few hours reading through the various postings and watching the epic vids. I finally went off to bed at about 1:30. When I woke up this morning for work I realized that I had just had one of those dreams where you can barely remember a damn thing about 'em two minutes later. All I could recall about it were sharks and dolphins. They weren't even fighting, just swimming around together, as far as I can remember. Now I never dream about sharks or dolphins, so naturally I blame the incident on the fetishes of the likes of Hamza & Concelmo, enabled by this very website. Of course, what did I expect after a lengthy dose of the Destructoid greatness immediately followed by deep sleep? I suppose it was my own fault for digging this place as much as I do, and believe me I do.

In the half a year that I've been coming here, and less than that that I've actually been a member, this has become my favorite website. The highlight of my internet day... And now it's violating my dreams. You sick bastards...

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