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Ten Ways Smash Bros Brawl Changed my Life [Part 1]

Yes, I know. It's another Smash Brothers blog and I will surely feel the flames of the community, but todays blog is not like the others. This instead is a top ten list, something never invented on the internet before, of how I think Brawl will affect me.

To add, I didn't realize how freaking big this blog is. I don't think I've actually ever made a blog this big, but for the sake of eye strain I'll break it down into two seperate blogs for you folks. This part will cover reasons ten through five, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow. After all, there's a certain FNF post I'm supposed to be typing up.

To warn you, the second part will be alot more angry.

10) I'm not ashamed of my Wii, again.

Yes, we've all seen the epic video, Haloid that's made the tubes last year. If you haven't.. please click that link and watch the ten minute video. No, it's ok, I'll wait.


Good? I thought it was bad ass. It's visions like these that reoccur for every gamer : their favorite video game mascot teaming up or facing off another mascot. Every fanboy's dream would finally be answered, and Brawl has made it more and more apparent how this is very plausable. Anyone ever been to Mugen? Well its a bit much for me, but the premise still stand.

But how would this happen? Sharing properties? First party titles co-existing? I fear the only way this would happen is if change rears its ugly head, and we have one unified console. Hey.. it could happen.. and with Brawl it just makes me want it more.

Bottom Line : I really wish there was a unified console, or other companies better be doing a "Smash-like" game!

7) Somewhere over the Rainbow...

I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this game. It was delayed how many times? 3 times in its entirety, in a year and two months span. That is unforgivable, but such is the way with the Wii. Twilight Princess anyone? Yes, Nintendo is the epitimy of delays and cockteases. But how has this changed me?

Of course there will be delays, it's only natural. Now I find that Star Wars : The Force Unleashed has been delayed. Know what I say to that? A big nerdy 'meh'. My Darth Vader tattoo would object, but I could honestly care less now. Brawl was the biggest cocktease I can remember, and it has trained me to expect the worst. As for the EURO crowd, after this they'll be able to withstand Nintendo's cockteasing till the next big thing.

Bottom Line : Delays no longer infuriate me, only make me remember how it isn't so bad compared to Smash.

6) The Final Word

It's finally here, Smash is in your hands, and you're eager to finally try out your Melee character. So you thought.

It seems this Smash is the final Smash to rule them all, but it doesn't come without it's sorrows. I had high hopes for the character roster, even though they neglected the Blue Bomber himself. To find out that not only who you wanted to make the roster isn't there, and futher down the road you find out they changed your character from Melee, then you start to get a bit disappointed.

Does that mean they screwed up the game though? Obviously no.. with a character roster this big, not only do you get to decide who the best mascot for Nintendo is, but also get bragging rights between friends for all time. It does seem a little pathetic, but I will admit when I got my first Final Smash and cleared the map of the other players, I couldn't help but smile and know I had the final word.

Bottom Line : This Smash is the final Smash! Time to finally decide who's the best Brawler!


Woo! That was a long top ten list. Well, technically it's a top five list, but fear not Destructoid! I won't half ass you when it comes to Brawl, so if you liked this be sure to check out Part 2, Reasons one through five! I do warn you though, it gets a bit heated because you see, not everything is unicorns and pink farts at Nintendo Land.
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