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British Retro Lulz: Bad Influence

Anus Mcphanus reminded me of an old british gaming program in the forums, and after watching through the old videos I could find of it I couldnt resist posting for your horror and/or amusement. Let the 90s retro action commence!

I think I know the other reason why he was filming her all day...

Maybe one day those consoles will be able to hook up to the internet, until then the PC is clearly the winner in the Console vs PC debate. Sorry.

Fuccckkkk....how many buttons does that controller have? Itll never catch on.

Peter Molyneux...when he had hair?

Violet teaches us how to get through those pesky 'install screens' for our games

I end my post with the Shaman, and their brand new song straight from the 90s

For anyone who survived that ordeal and/or wants to find out more about this classic show, here is the Bad Influence Website where you can dress badly and re-live the glorious 90s while rocking out to some Zoo Babylon.
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