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Destructoid Cancun: I'm The Only One Willing To Go?


Yeah, I've been telling this to people on IRC: I'm going to Cancun with or without winning the contest.

With that said, for some reason you people from the US and Canada get better prices in the hotel that us local mexicans, so as a consequence I've been looking for a roommate, someone from the US preferably, that's also going.

But, as you can see from the image, the forums aren't really helping, or perhaps.. Can it be? Am I really the only one else besides staff and the contest winner that is going for sure? The only one sacrificing Brawl, Lost Odyssey and VGL (their first time in Mexico btw) among other things?

I know this isn't a proper contest post, but really, so far it looks like Teta and me, the guys from third world countries, are the only ones willing to spend some money on that trip =(.
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