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SSBB Available for $40; Launch buyers want their $10 back.

Well, I have not had the chance myself to pick up Brawl yet due to money constraints; However, I DO have Gamefly. I'm renting it from there, should have it.. like Saturday? But anyway, for anyone who HASN'T picked it up yet, the chance of a lifetime:

My theory for why it is for sale so early is this;
Gamefly knows it's gonna be a big game; so, they buy all these copies to send out.
Nobody rents it; everyone buys it. Shit, now they have extra copies. So what do they do? Sell them to you, the valuable customer for dirt cheap compared to how long its been out.
So yeah, $42 dollars if you arent a member, or have been for less then 3(?) months. Enjoy! :D
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