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Just bought a third Wii -- WTF?

Maybe it's the luck o' me (mostly) Irish blood, but I went down to Best Buy to get Super Smash Brothers Brawl this morning, not realizing that they actually opened an hour later. It was cold (about 40F/4C), but it was sunny, it was a Sunday morning, and I didn't want to drive home just to drive back 1/2 hour later. There were only a few people in line, so I did something I never did before -- I actually waited in line for the store to open.

I was chatting with people, talking about how Vista takes up 670 MB of RAM just to get to the f*cking desktop and talking about the Wii and how I managed to buy two of them. Mostly, this was because I do my shopping during lunch during the week. Most people do their Wii shopping during evenings and weekends -- which is when everybody else is looking for one. By shopping during the week, I've had the opportunity to buy a Wii FIVE times in the past year.

The woman in front of me was looking for a Wii for her ""mentally challenged" daughter. (Why the f*ck are people unable to just use the word "retarded"? There's NOTHING wrong with that word, for crying out loud.) So we were talking about how to use it, what kinds of games are available, what the nunchuck is used for, and so forth.

Next thing I know, a guy from Best Buy is handing out pieces of paper. The store wasn't open yet, so I figured that it was a sales flyer of some kind. Turns out that it was voucher #23 for a new Wii! I know people who have been looking for one, so I figured that I'd grab one for them as long as I was there. (No, this is NOT going on eBay.)

So, today I walked out with a third Wii, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, No More Heroes, an extra Classic Controller, and a $10 gift card that I got for buying SSBB and an additional game. It just goes to show that there are Wiis out there to be bought as long as you don't go looking for one when everyone else is looking. Get your ass out of bed on Sunday morning and get your ass out to the stores at lunch instead of at night. You'll find one.

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday morning -- like sitting in church.
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