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Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Warning: May contain pale ginger-haired skin. Those of a nervous disposition may not want to continue.

Hi there, welcome to mah room guys! Let me show you around, there's beer in the fridge, help yaself. I'm afraid you caught me in the middle of animating, but dont worry I can do it laters.

You like figurines right? Check out who popped up in my post the other day. Hes from china, he keeps having fits every now and then... keeps talking about a loo boo whatever that is, personally I think hes not been the same since he lost his eye. Dont worry, I got some guys to stand guard incase he has another one of his 'flashbacks'

So I guess you wanna see my rig huh? Its looking pretty sorry for itself, yeah its a dell, sorry, I was young and reckless. It blue screened between 10-20 times over the past couple of days. Sometimes it wouldnt even get that far.

Dont worry tho its fixed for now, but I have to leave the side open in case she overheats. Poor girl....she was so still the whole time, I didnt think she'd pull through.

Well thats pretty much it, thanks for coming guys. You know the way out.

What? What do you mean by that? I dont have another rig, I dont know what your talking about. What Are you talking about?

I think you'd better leave. No, I didnt invite you in here for anything of the sort. No I wont show you my 'other rig'. Why are you winking and smiling like that?


I....I feel so violated.

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Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem (GC) - Only got a GC recently but I couldnt put this game down.
Dawn of War (PC) - Multiplayer RTS at its best, unlike 2 - Relic WTF?
Total Annihilation (PC) - The original rocked so hard, wasn't that impressed with the 'Spiritual Successor' Supreme Commander.

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Dynasty Warriors - Square, Square, Square, Triangle.....Circle MUSSSOOOOUUUUUUUU!!
Age of Wonders - I have a strange love for these turn-based time consumers.
Battlefield - Ever since 1942, best multiplayer action Ive found.
Delta Force - The other FPS series I enjoyed, shame Joint Ops sucked
Eye of the Beholder - Old school RPG <3
Mechwarrior - Giant mechs blowing the crap out of each other? Whats not to love. I miss you FASA.
Elder Scrolls - Tasty RPG sannwiches

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