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Friday Night Fights 32 : Super Bum Bros. Brawl


This is also a recap of the last FNF, since we had such a fantastical time together! Scroll down for the details.

Good morning Destructoid! I had this post ready to go yesterday, but I fell asleep watching Ratatoullie in HD. I can honestly say, after all the glam and hype I've heard for a Pixar movie it definitely fell short. I enjoyed Reign of Fire in HD much more than Patton Oswald's rat impression.

Did I just start the FNF post with a rant? Good god I'm sorry.. but I'm leaving it up there. Tomorrow will be the same games we've been playing for the past couple of weeks : Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band, and if anyone has any suggestions you're more than willing to host or ask about any game! The community is important, and what the communitoid wants, it gets.

Last week we had dozens of Destructoiders playing all kinds of games, it was a dream come true. In fact, we had so many people that we're going to start taking multiple hosts for the same game. So don't fret if someone is hosting something you wanted to! There's plenty of Dtoid to go around.

Speaking of Dtoid, the PS3 crew is always ready to welcome any challengers. If you like Unreal Tournament, COD4, or even Burnout but only have a passion for Sony, they can take care of you. Is FNF too late in the day for you? S'okay meng, the Euro FNF room will be open for all you early birds. PC gamers have had to count their blessings lately, and they've all been Caffeine Powered for whoring out his own Dtoid TF2 server to all you lucky PC gamers. If you like TF2 and you're free on Tuesdays, he's your man!

That's all for today Destructoid. I might not be there early enough tomorrow, so extra hosts are appreciated. I will however be playing Smash on Sunday, and of course we will all get together in Vent or Stickam for Smash Sundays. It'll be epic, and I can't wait to see all you Nintendophiles there! Game on dtoid.


FNF Recap!
I had such a blast playing COD4 and Gears with not only familiar dtoiders but new ones as well, that I just had to type it out. Thanks for reading!

I started very early, just in time for Euro FNF. The Euro FNF really hit off quite well I think. I've never been in a room with so many yummy british accents! Mmmm.... well, there were enough of us to make a full team to go online, at least. After the wankers went to bed we started another COD4 room, and played very early on to very late in the evening. We had a full 18 player room, complete with Workmeng and Co. In fact, so many people were playing COD4 for FNF we had to have another room! Big thanks to Power Glove for that one!

After the COD4 madness (and a pint of Vodka later) it was Gears @ 2am! Who the hell still plays that game? Vexed Alex and his Haloes also had an epic game I heard, so if you still play Halo, there's lots of dtoiders that would love to get spanked. Who doesn't love spankings? Of course Power Glove was hosting Rock Band for a long time with some new FNF players, before he jumped into COD4.

So everything worked out really well for the 360 crowd. Would you expect anything less? We're gamers! Bring on the games!
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