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CoD4 patch - 1.1.76 xbox 360

CoD4 was patched last night. The ACOG and scoped rifles are de-nerfed but the knife is now concentrated fail. They also added an awesome chase/kill cam to all explosive weapons so you can watch a pretty cool 3rd person perspective of yourself being exploded by an airstrike or frag.

The host bailing out and killing the game has been fixed in a host-reassignment type halo3 netcode fix.

"New Kill Cams
We�ve added new Kill Cams for everything. So now those �WTF!� grenades that seemingly come from no where, you can see that a guy threw it over the house, it hit a tree branch, bounced off a rock, into a tiny window, where you happened to be pointing out of, and say�� whoa. Follow behind RPGs and M203�s kill cams, claymores, Airstrikes where you can follow the bomb from the plane until it hits you.

Host Migration:

Now you won�t have to be dropped back by yourself when a host leaves. Instead, everyone will stay together, a new host will be assigned, and the game will auto-start back up. Keeping everyone together, no more re-inviting, re-joining games because some host leaves. This has been a tall order and something that we�ve put a lot of work into which has allowed us to really optimize online play all around not just specifically with Host migration.

Improved Sniper / ACOG Accuracy:

Sniper and ACOG scopes have been tweaked and are really improved. I use to not snipe at all (mainly because I�m a horrible sniper), but now it�s so much more fluid and natural, while still having the same difficulty to use, it has no more �WTF I know I hit that guy!� moments.

Upgraded Spectator Cam:

Now when you�re in spectator mode you can follow them in 3rd person, switch to their first person view, or rotate the camera in a full 360 degrees around whoever you�re watching.

Quick Mute Option

Users will now be able to quick mute players on the fly by pulling up the scoreboard in-game or via the lobby by simply going to their name and hitting the mute assigned button. As quickly as calling in and designating an airstike. So no longer getting killed while trying to make your way through the Xbox blades for the mute option so you can shut up the guy who always seems to find it funny to sing into his mic or cover up for his lack of skill by telling you how to play Domination his way.

In addition to these feature additions there will also be:

Improved Network Performance For Larger Games

* 18 player games now require more bandwidth to host, resulting in smoother performance for players.

Optimized Server Selection for First Match

* Server selection is now optimized to select best bandwidth servers associated by LSP.
Fixed �Playlist Older Than Host� Error

* Player will no longer get error when entering games.
Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps

* Added a minimum of 9 extra start spawns on each side of all maps.
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