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My Gear, Let Me Show You It

After reading DJ Duffy & DVD Design's awesome blog and seeing their equally awesome set up, I knew I had to show off my own gear. I just recently moved into a new HOUSE.. (it's awesome not having neighbors above you) and I haven't had a chance yet to re-arrange stuff the way I wanted to yet. My house is filled with alot of neat stuff though, electronics, toys, typical nerd material. Since this will have alot of pictures, Im splitting it up in a couple of places. Check out my gear, won't you? :)

The Living Room

There's alot to show off here.. first, where the magic happens. That's a 360, Wii, and PS2. Someday PS3... someday..

What are those minature ninjas doing all over my systems? I'll show you!

Next to my 32" Magnavox (I'm upgrading..) are all my retro systems. I have 2 NES, SNES, and a Sega! Currently I only have 8 games for the sega.. but dozens of others! Check them out.

Of course I'm running out of places to put most of my action figures. Here we have the complete Marvel Zombies set, with Zombie Spawn, and most of the X-men Ultimate figures. These baddies have dozens of articulation, it's insane!! Surrounding most of my systems are Mighty Mugg figures. So far I have the complete first set. Check out the second set at Tomopop.com before they even release!

Well I've seen alot of other peoples awesome living rooms, I always noticed the lack of art or posters. Bare walls are often the case.. not me! Check out these posters I got online. They include : The Walking Dead, Gears of War, Invinsible, and of course a Link pin up.

This poster is particularly awesome, just because it's not only a Marvel Zombies poster, but actually a reprint of an old comic fold out which I also own. Also this poster is dear to me because of it's weird size. I had to custom build to frame out of two different 24 x 36 inch borders. Can you spot the fractures?

That's it today Destructoid. Sorry this blog ran so long, 15 pictures might have been too much. I have so much more to show you if you'll read it, including an epic comic book room, the toy room filled with hundreds of Star Wars figures, and of course X-men, Spawn, even Army of Darkness! Thanks for checking out my pad Destructoid.
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