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Epic Audiosurf Contest Week 1 Song. UPDATE: Song Closed!


Rules of the contest can be found here.

"Snakeman's Opus" is an awesome remix from one of the most memorable stage music found in Mega man games. This remix was made by 8bM and it can be downloaded from here.

Remember, you have until Friday night at 10:30 PM PST to post or send me your highscore pic. I think it's pretty much safe to assume that if you aren't on top of the Audiosurf leaderboard (I'm currently there with only 1 other person who has played it besides me) then you don't have the highscore here either.

End Of Week 1 Update:

ConradZimmerman has been declared the winner! He choose to reedem his point, so this song is closed.

Some of you have been asking for a difficulty limit. For this song in particular there is none, some of the future songs will have different types of restrictions, so like i said in the comments, don't worry about it now.

There's also some questions about the pics, you have to post at least one to be considered a contestant for this song, thus making you able to steal the point from it if the winner decides to keep it in play for next week. And here's the reason why I ask for pics.

If you already posted one of you're highscore pics, unless you're beating the current leader, then there's really no reason to post other than increasing your comments count.

PS:Some of you on the leaderboard have yet to post one highscore pic, just don't forget to do it before friday night :).
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