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Friday Night Fights 30 : Don't Forget your A.M.M.O.


*Big thanks goes out to Agent MOO for his epic shooping skills. Have at you all!

Holy cow! Have we really made it to number thirty?! Thirty weeks of hardcore all night gaming? Yes Destructoid, go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. You deserve it!

I realize of course how late this post is since it was supposed to be yesterday. Remeber! It's not Friday just yet, at it's supposed to be a reminder for tomorrow night. Friday Night Fights is continuing it's greatness tomorrow, and hopefully for another thirty weeks! So what do you do? Just post in the comments below, and let us know what you want, and if you'll be attending.

So far we've heard mumbling of Rainbow Six Vegas, so the main contendors will be Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six Vegas. Tomorrow we will also be celebrating a new community made game, compliments of Agent MOO. I will be helping with the testing sometime during the night, so if you want to join us just send him a message.

If it's a different console you're looking for, we've got it. Don't forget Yojimbo and his PS3 posts, where the gaming isn't only limited to one night. Whether it's Friday Night Fights, or Chicken Fried Steak Saturdays, they've got you covered.

Caffeine Powered has also been doing an excellent job keeping the PC Destructicans entertained, and they've been having a blast. He is using his personal server for TF2 Custom Maps and such, and is always open to friendly and willing people.

Remember, Friday Night Fights isn't limited to one specific place! Everyone is welcomed to join us. If you want to host a different game, or participate in any other way, feel free to let us know!
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