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News in Film : Star Wars Trailer

Well, first off I'm sorry for confusing the masses and hopefully not too many people will feel that I can make up for my mistakes.

As it turns out, the new Star Wars animated film is actually just the first 3 or 4 episodes of the television series, which is also animated. The series will be free, the movie of course will not be. So why is he releasing it on the big screen? Some say he has big balls, other say he's just a money grubbing whore.

Now I realize what I said before, and I really do stand by it. Me being a huge Star Wars nerd, it's hard to take my world and re-tell its story into something worth while, as there are tons of other timelines in the Star Wars Universe that would surely bank on the franchise. But for Lucas to do this, it must be epic.

I'm not saying that because of the evil Sith lady, or more General Grevious, but I truly loved the Clone Wars story, all of it. So this might be an unfair opinion, but I will be catching this! Trailer below, and happy Monday Destructicans.

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