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I Need Some Sort Of Intervention


As some of you know (Or wish you knew in time) I ran an Audiosurf contest this weekend (NihonTiger PM ME !!), that mean that from Friday to Saturday I played what was a little over 80 songs!!

Not happy with that many hours of play I continued playing my songs, a lot of Radiohead, Daft Punk and chiptune music, waiting for my friends to arrive for an Evil Dead trilogy marathon. Once that was done we started playing Rock Band, eventually 2 of my friends went to sleep, but me and another one left decided, at some point around 1:30-2am, to start playing the Endless Setlist.

God that was painful. especially because I was using the Strato controller. I hate to say we didn't finish the set list, at around 6am we got to Green Grass And High Tides forever... and we lost at 97%. Sure we could've replayed it until we passed it, since we both have actually passed it before, but fuck that.

My friend left before 7am, I then went to sleep and woke up at 3PM, since then I've been on and off of Audiosurf while NOT checking Dtoid often.

Anyway, I should get started with my simple and boring homework, but damn is it hard to concentrate when I know I haven't played every Radiohead song yet...
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