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News in Film : First Look at a New Star Wars Movie & Television Series

Hey Destructoid! Center my pictures! No I don't want to upload them to your server!

Well besides from all the superhero hype and video game related garbage that makes it to the big screen, here's another childhood killer on the horizon. It's Star Wars baby! That's right, not only are we lucky enough for them to re-release the Star Wars trilogy in 3-D by 2010, but we're also being treated to a re-release of the animated film, Star Wars : Clone Wars, which takes place between Episodes 2 & 3. The film will run approximatly 102 minutes, and is a collaberation of 25 short 15 minute episodes. Unfortunately, they have my money already.

That's not all Destructicans. The famed television series that made its major debut at Comic Con is coming to a TV near you! Supposively due out in 08, the TV show will feature live action performances that will take place between Episodes 3 & 4, much like the upcoming video game Star Wars : The Force Unleashed.

Another movie is on the way as well. It's a fully CGI animated film, and will take place between Episodes 2 & 3. Confused yet? It gets crazier, as it tells the story of Anakin's apprentice Ahsoka, will center around the Clone Wars as well. Take a look, won't you?

If you want my opinion, it looks HORRIBLE, and I hate that Anakin must be portrayed as that loser who got the role for episodes 2 & 3. What about you, Destructoid?

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