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Weekend Night Blogging : I saw cats..


Good evening robots! I don't usually blog on the weekends, but I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I saw alot of good GI/BI blogs, and can't wait to see what makes it up to the front page next. Congrats to BigP.

I bought Devil May Cry 4, it's excellent. My 360 came back from MS, and it's been great to have everyone back. I bought DMC3 a week ago, and it's the first time I've seen a PS2 with component cables. It's beautiful, it hasn't lost it's charm. Cheezy as it is, I love the game.

Friday Night Fights was fun, I drank alot, saw alot of people I haven't played with in awhile, it was really fun playing Gears. Thanks for showing up! When it was time to switch to Call of Duty 4, I couldn't find it. I either lent it out, or left in in my 360 when I sent it in. I hope it's the former.

About half an hour ago I just got back home! I saw cats... Now I can appreciate good theater, I've seen dozens of plays from The Lion King, to Circus De Soley (I'm sure I spelt that wrong), but having dozens of furries rushing the front row, which I was occupying, was really giving me panic attacks. With their fur and licking... they were EVERYWHERE. But they were serving alcohol, and Mr Tubleweeds smelt like gin.

The costumes don't leave much to the imagination, and Mr.Sesopholies didn't end up raping me, though he was very flamboyant. Just to give you guys an idea.. I'll leave you with this.

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