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OK I need your help (yes I know we've had this argument 1000 times)

So I recently got quite alot of money in and I'm considering buying either a 360 or PS3. I've got a Wii atm and now that I've got all 242 stars in Mario Galaxy there isn't much left for me to do with it that's new (unless I get Zack & Wiki, then No More Heroes when it comes out and then Smash Bros Brawl and so forth).

Anyway I want to know what console is best in terms of online (cost also being factor), price, games, and most importantly which you think has the most longevity (which is possibly a combination of the previous three factors amongst other things). Most of my friends have 360's but I do know quite a few who have PS3's and I'd love to get in on the FNF action.

Your help is much appreciated.
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