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Killer Instinct 3 C-C-C-Coming soon?


I have no clue if this can come to light or not, after the whole Gamepro slip up. The rumor first started as a RARE Christmas card sent out to people, with a stocking that read KI3. I can't find the article anywhere or I'd link you..(update : here it is) but this could be more concrete. The magazine also appears to be from CVG, who got said christmas card last year. More proof?

From the article : In the section "Next Month" at the back of the magazine there is a picture at the bottom. Its not the white question mark in the middle of the black picture thats interesting, its the text below.

"and a KILLER secret game" and continues "Let's just say, it's a biggie, a reinvention of a CLASSIC"

That's a pretty good clue right there. Don't screw it up, RARE!

We all know that this would sell like crazy, since the internet has been using it as a meme more often than not. I know how much you would love this game to come out, Destructoid, but the question would be which system is likely to get it? Yes Microsoft aquired RARE, but it doesn't stop me from pondering the possibilities.

Source : N4g Article
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