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Blogging the Month

Lately all I've been doing are the News in Film blogs, and they help quench that need for writing and selfless feeling of contributing to the community, but a man can only blog for so long. I didn't even really have a title for this, since it's just a couple paragraphs of happenings in my life. So it's alright if you don't read, it's personally more or less for me.

I caught the Red Ring of Death three weeks ago, and shipped my xbox in over 2 weeks ago. I'm guessing most of you know this by now.. but I have tried to keep my sanity. I bought a Wii, and purchased Mario Galaxies and Metroid with it. Mario is alot of fun, and my girlfriend has suddenly become better at it than me. She's already at 55 stars! Metroid is something for myself, and while I enjoyed the first two games and can appreciate the control scheme, I just find myself bored of it's never ending platforming. When I get tired, or lazy, my arms start to drop down and the character will skitz out. I just don't know if I'll finish this one folks, but No More Heroes is on my list this weekend.

The Destructoid shop needs to be updated. How about a hoodie? Or jacket? Regardless, I bought the Princess is a Cocktease shirt, and dtoid beanie. The last thing I purchased was an Also Cocks (x2) and the Nintendo Zapper shirt that Phist made. I love them all!

I'm also in the market for some new toys. I was hoping some of you dtoiders could suggest something, as it's an unhealthy habit of mine. I pre-ordered the Gears of War figures, and just bought some Street Fighter ones. Dammit Tomopop, hurry up and be cool already.

For comics, I'm picking up the final issue of Marvel Zombies 2, and I've been reading Ash vs Jason vs Freddy. Oh man, if you haven't picked either of them up yet, do so now. What have you guys been reading?

Mmm.. not much else to say here. As far as video games go, I need Devil May Cry 4, Turok (shut up), and Smash Brawl. Then I should be good till the summer.. hopefully I can get back on track with Friday Night Fights, since Cronos Blade (who is AWESOME) has picked up my slack.

Ok well have a good weekend everybody!
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