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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #300 - Puck Mann


Featuring Pac Man and early 20th century tango music.

greetings fellow game music lovers,

300 entries it is! Hooray! Almost 4 years, I cannot believe how fast the time flies... Anyways, for the celebration of this even we obviously need something extravagant. And an obvious choice for this would be one of the true classics of video games: Pac Man, the original maze game from 1980! Funny to think Pac Man wasn't really gone all the time. They kept making sequels, spin offs, cartoon show and tons and tons of merchandising.

Does Pac Man even have music yet? Of course! Like the original stage entry jingle that has been often remixed and parodied by many musical artists:

Sequences comparable to this can sometimes be found in early 20th century tango music. Here we go!

José Fuster - "Cata" (before 1928):

A less complete sample can also be found in Agustín Bardis "Tinta Verde" form the 1930s:

Still need to get some stuff out before the obligatory Final Fantasy series starts...

Phil out!

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