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TGIF Open Thread!


Gooood morning! It's that lovely time of the week! It's Fridaaay! Thanks to Queen for handling TGIF for me last week as I was in Iowa with my fiancee (Her name is Stephanie...I'm just going to call her Steph here from now on lol) enjoying family time and what not. It was mostly enjoyable. I got to meet my sisters fiancee annnnd heeee's...something lol A little much for me. High energy, always talking, kind of a know it all. Got annoying fast. Nice guy other then that. So 4 days straight of dealing with that has left me absolutely exhausted. Seeing my sister, neice and nephews was awesome though!

We rented a boat on the Mississippi River and that was awesome. Basically spent 8 hours on that. The last hour and a half was dedicated to fishing, which I personally find dreadfully boring, but to each their own. The boat was still relaxing. We visited a place I believe was called Eagle Point Park? Pretty sure that was the name. It was awesome and incrediblly beautiful. Steph and I loved it. My nephew is a genius apparently and showed us that he can solve a rubik cube in under a minute with ease. Pretty impressive honestly since I can't solve one at all lol

We got some good food, explored a cool crystal cave and went bowling of all things! lol Overall, it was a good time but I'm so damn happy to be home. What wasn't a good time? The plane ride there AND back. Ugh. On the way there, the lady in front of us was coughing up a lung. Of course, no mask. Just spreading her shit everywhere. Greeeeat. On the way back on our late night flight home? Banshee babies. Just fucking screaming bloody murder. Also great. Fantastic. Coughing lady got me. Steph is great, which is weird cause she's normally the one who gets sick between us. Started feeling it on Monday and by Tuesday, I felt like I was dying. Wed and Thursday were the worst. I'm feeling slightly better now but still feel like poo. Oh well.

This weekend, we plan on doing a whole lot of nothing. NOTHING. Relaxing from a fun but exhausting trip. Hoping I feel better completely by Monday. We'll see!

How was your week everyone!? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!


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