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News in Film : Marvel Zombies The Movie

Oh yes, you heard that right!! I had to hold back on putting 10 exclamation points at the end of the freaking title! Oh please let this happen.

Sorry.. about that. Anyways, while Marvel movie studios are busy pumping out those money making flicks we all love, there are always direct-to-DVD features that never get the big screen chance. Some of these would be Iron Man, Doctor Strange, The Avengers, and even Black Cat.

From the "grapevine" : "Marvel Zombies" began as a comic book mini-series and featured "zombified" versions of pretty much all of your favorite superheroes. Set in an alternate universe (natch), the series most recently introduced Ash (from the "Evil Dead" franchise) to do battle with the likes of undead Wolverine, Spidey, etc. (Click link for more information)

Later in the week, I'll give you my review on the entire Marvel Zombies Action Figure set, Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness, and even the recently new print of Marvel Zombies 2, the sequel, just to celebrate this dark occasion!

To tide you hungry superhero zombie lovers, here's a pretty cool fan made video featuring Marvel Zombies. (My Zombie Spiderman cos-play was better!)

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