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Je m'appelle ZombiePlatypus. J'aime des cerveaux.

Just kidding, I don't speak French.

Yeah... Howdy, I知 ZombiePlatypus, real name = Levi. I知 a 23 year old from Virginia Beach, VA living in Minnesota. I first heard of this place last year through the BomberMan Live stuff and began checking out the site daily at work. After a week or so I realized I壇 probably like to comment every once in a while so I signed up and in the past few months I致e commented a grand total of 21 times my stats tell me. Black Jack! So after just more or less lurking around since the bomb-up pack 2 introduced me to the Wubbulous World of Destructoid I致e finally decided to introduce myself in the cBlogs. Movin on up, eh?

So I致e been playing games since the NES. The story goes that my youngest brother "lost it" after failing at a game of Donkey Kong Jr and threw the system down from the dresser it was on and that was the end of our NES. I was there and I can稚 remember how much of that is true, it痴 been so long, but it doesn稚 matter anymore since I bought a 渡ew NES a couple years back, (God bless the internet).

We were always a one console a generation family growing up. And that one console usually came after a couple years and a price drop after launch, so I壇 play Mortal Kombat on my buddy痴 SNES while rocking StarTropics on my NES until we壇 get the current console. I致e never owned a Sega system. Sonic always made it tempting, but my brothers and I were Nintendo kids mostly. One Christmas all we wanted was an N64, but we got a PS instead. The guy at the store showed my folks how many more games were available for the Sony machine, and that was that. Now I壇 say it was the right choice, and staying up for multiple all-nighters that break playing Crash Bandicoot was a blast. Just the same, a couple years and one summer job later I bought a 64 for myself. From then on I致e been able to get all my own systems.

I got a GameCube shortly after launch. I bought a PS2 just for MGS 2 (at the time). A while later, after playing Halo and having a blast at a friend痴 house I saved up and got a refurbished Xbox. Being a Nintendo kid growing up, I hated the idea of the Xbox when they launched and begrudgingly liked my PlayStations, but that hardware generation totally mixed up my console preferences. Xbox became my go to machine, while most cross-platform games I bought for the GCN out of sheer loyalty. Loyalty? Dumb, right? Anyways, that left my PS2 to only really get action from the MGS series, Twisted Metal, War of the Monsters, DQ VIII and the only Final Fantasy I致e ever liked, FFX and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Evil Dead and that Lupin III game, but mainly those first ones I mentioned

This gen I致e been legitimately surprised by how the tough as nails Xbox could give way to the accident prone 360. Though my 360 only(?!) failed once a couple weeks after I got it, and that wasn稚 due to the RRoD, it was a fucked up disc tray. On the Wii front, I知 kinda shocked that I've actually bought 7 games for it. It just doesn稚 seem like there痴 that much to want from the little white box, and yet there I am. The only one I致e yet to get is the PSTriple, but rest assured I知 getting one. I needs my wrinkly old Snake action as much as the next guy.

Handhelds are fun too, right? I致e got a GBC, a NES edition GBA SP (my favorite handheld ever, it looks so damn slick), a DS Lite and a PSP. Back in the day one of my three kid brothers recieved the original GameBoy, while me and the other two did not. Favoritism, much?

Other than solitaire, Zaxxon and some old game called The Hunt for Red Rock Rover I've never been a computer gamer. I dabbled but it didn't take.

Anyways, that痴 my fantastically boring, undeniably condensed history of video games in my life. Of course I left out Chuck E. Cheese, 7-11 and Pizza Hut arcade cabinets, but this very sentence takes care of that. So with all of that said, I leave you all with the knowledge that I might not be a random lurker anymore
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Howdy, here go the basics:
I'm Levi a.k.a. ZombiePlatypus.
I was born December 2nd, 1984.
I was raised in Virginia Beach, VA.
I currently live in Minnesota, it's not as nice but it works.
I dig video games. Who'd have thunk, eh?

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I had the original PlayStation, but it's dead... I think.
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I've never owned a Sega system.
I am the sole reason the Dreamcast failed. I apologize.

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