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Play-Asia Dynasty Warriors Figure Miss.Information

So when Jim was talking about those dirty lookin DW figures I decided to put a pre-order in with play-asia for the nicer looking Zhao Yun figure here instead.

Mmmmm smexy!

Well like all good things (chocolate teapots, free porn) this came to an end pretty quick. Turns out those play-asia guys only got sent a promotional image and missinformation prevailed once more. Ill let them explain.

This is an important e-mail update regarding your pending Chao Yuen / ShinSangoku Musou 5 PVC Figure preorder (#9364010 ). As we offered the preorder, we had limited information from our supplierand were expecting that we only get one character, Chao Yuen.As we received our delivery today, it turned out, that we actuallyreceived a series of Trading figures, which 8 different characters and 4secret versions. Gan Ning, Lu Bu, Sun Shang Xiang, Xiahou Dun, Guan Yu, Chao Yun, ZhangLiao & Diao Chan are the characters featured.


However they do give you the option to cancel your order being the nice people that they are (and not wanting your to asplode from the sight of these demonic figurines so that you can continue buying their wonderful wonderful products). I decided to stick with my order though, as the prospect of 4 secret characters intrigues me. Perhaps they arent all as eye melteringly ghastly as that sun shang figure. Just possibly. Maybe. And perhaps theres always the chance I could end up with the one and only...



This has been a Dynasty Warriors related announcement by Silverhertz. Anyone who doesnt like Dynasty Warriors can go to hell...and why are you even reading this OMG!
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