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TGIF Open Thread!


Goood morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! Already! It's Fridaaay!

Happy it is too as even though the week went quickly for me, it was full of bs that I just wanna put behind. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend. RE4 Remake should be arriving at my door soon. Hopefully before I get off work! Can't wait to experience that opening village scene again. I skipped the demo and pretty much all trailers after the first two reveals. Excited as all hell to jump back into one of my favorite games of all time.

I beat Vernal Edge last night and I honestly loved it. It's easily one of the most fun Metroidvania's I've played. Combat is polished and super flashy and just does a great job of making it stand out from the rest. Plus, there's light airship travel from area to area! It gave small Skies of Arcadia vibes and I really, realllly appreciated that.

We saw Scream 6 last weekend as the gf made a last second decision change and I'm fine with it. We both really liked it! It was a fun time and had some exciting kills going for it. That means Ant-Man is being put on hold once again lol Might just wait for streaming? Not sure at this point.

Chrono's song of the week:

How was your week Dtoid!? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

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