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Horny First PSVR 2 Impressions


I got the PSVR 2, as well as the PS5 itself only a couple weeks ago. My first VR, and my first non-Nintendo console since the PS3. I got Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil: Village.

I started with Horizon and it is pretty cool. I felt a little nauseous after my first session with it and got a little frustrated getting stuck a couple times, plus had some blurriness. But as I slowly got more used to it, dialed in how to adjust the headset, and started to get more immersed in the physicality of the climbing (stretching out my arms above my head to make it feel more realistic), it turns into quite a thrill. The enemies are almost too scary though.

Resident Evil VR is terrifying.

I mean, I never did well with horror games. I found the opening bits of RE4 too scary back in 2007 and haven't really played a horror game in at least a decade. I've desensitized myself to every kind of horror movie in the interim, but I still recognize games can be much scarier than movies. Well VR is a whole other ball game. What was I thinking?!

Actual nightmares and bad drug trips aren't as scary as walking around in the dark holding a flashlight in a fully immersive, realistic virtual reality horror game like this.

Conversely to Horizon, in Resident Evil I have to take steps to reduce my immersion with it, to make it stomachable (playing in sitting mode, using the TV speakers instead of the headphones, etc).

The most striking thing I've noticed about VR is that the graphical leap required between making something look good on a screen, and making something look good when it's life-sized and all around you is huge, and coming from the Switch, the graphics on these two PS5 games are pretty impressive and make a laudable attempt to achieve an immersive realism that stands up to that leap. I was particularly impressed that the people in Horizon felt almost real, on the occasion that they're stood next to you.

So... I kind of can't stop thinking that the ultimate VR game would be a new Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball game. Right??? I've never played the series before, but picture a legit VR volleyball sim, with realistic and beautifully detailed... beaches! Tell me there would not be a bigger audience for that experience than Resident Evil 8 VR (the video game equivalent of smoking salvia in a haunted house in Ukraine)!

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