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Media Moments 2022: Music, the A-List


Here we are again. My favorite list to compile is back. This time I have enough for an A and B list. But let’s talk about the winners first.

We Are by Jon Batiste

My favorite album of 2022 was from 2021, but We Are is just so good. I feel like I can recommend this to almost anyone, especially if you’re having a bad day. It’s just so infectious and wonderful.


Renaissance by Beyonce

Okay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. If you pay attention to music, I know you’ve heard of Renaissance and it’s everything you’ve heard. Beyonce made a dance album and it’s fun-as-hell. It’s full of bangers. Beyonce’s one of those artists I respect way more than I listen to. But with Renaissance, she’s made something fun enough that even I was bopping to it for months on end. Really infectious stuff.


Hold On Baby by King Princess

This is not the kind of thing I usually listen to, but for some reason I got really into what is basically a well-produced pop singer-songwriter album. It’s just really catchy and heartfelt stuff and it had a hold on me. To give you an idea. I got this and Renaissance at the same time and played them back to back for months.


Dawn FM – The Weeknd

I think this is Weeknd’s masterpiece. I could write a bunch of stuff to build up to that, but I’ll just say it right away. Not only does this have several all-timer Weeknd tracks, but the album itself is well-structured, has an awesome radio-station conceit, and has this great theme to whole thing. A real cover-to-cover experience. If you’ve liked anything he’s done and you haven’t yet, check this album out. It’s awesome.


La Nena de Argentina by Maria Beccerra

My queen of Latina fun is back. This time there’s almost no guest vocals. Can she hold up an album solo? Hell yeah. It’s not as fun without guests playing off of her, true, but she’s still doing great stuff here.

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