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Slimeys picks for cool looking Indie Games of 2023 and beyond! 


Hey, I made a list of games that I think look fun for mostly indie games due out in 2023 and maybe a bit later then 2023 for some games. A lot of the game I found just have 2023 release window or coming soon or release windows mentioned elsewhere then steam so can’t really sperate them by month for most. I would recommend using the steam links I have provided to Wishlist any game here that looks interesting to you so you can be remined when the game comes out.

I would say looking over everything seems like 2023 is due to be a packed year of interesting pretty varied indie and AAA games which is really nice to see. I have made a list of about I think 200+ indie games due out in 2023 or close to 2023 so I have decided I will split them up into monthly blogs here rather than all at once. Most have probably heard of these indie games in this cuurent list now here but for the next few blogs I think should have some nice surprises of lesser-known indie games out in 2023 or likely to drop in 2023.Anyway enjoy if you do check this out! 


  • 1.Glitched  


Steam link:GLITCHED on Steam (steampowered.com) 

I have been following news on this game for I would say at least 4 years so I have been looking forward to it for a while. I think the main focus on having the player directly interact with the main character and encourage them to make certain choices in the game sounds really interesting and a nice change of genre for this game. I really like that the developer has seemed to aim to still have a normal life and not constantly crunch nonstop to make the game and recently got married and took a break from making the game for a month. It’s just a healthier approach and probably leads to a better end game and better experience for the game dev versus crunching to get it done in 3 years max no matter what happens. Also I do really appreciate any dev that goes to the effort of adding unique flavor text/joke/dialogue for nearly every single item in the environment. The game is going to release in two parts and it seems pretty likely that part 1 will release near the end of 2023. 


  • 2.Knuckle Sandwich 


This is a similar case that I have been following update news on this game for a few years. The dev is very well organized and usually has updated on the game every month and shows an Excel chart showing all the parts needs to be made filled in. The game is pretty close to completion again so it should be out probably near the end of 2023 too. The gameplay is basically mixing WariorWare style microgames for fighting and blocking in a turn-based combat with a main character having to do a dead-end job. Looks pretty neat I am also quiet looking forward to this one coming out. 

Steam link:Knuckle Sandwich on Steam (steampowered.com) 


  • 3.Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 


Steam Link:Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Steam (steampowered.com) 

Jet Set radio but in 2023 and with more transport options like bicycles, skateboards and more and the original composer for the Jet Set Radio soundtrack is back for this game and extra movement options like wall running with skate boards and bicycles. Enough said, looks sick. The devs last game Leath League/Lethal League Blaze was a lot of fun so I have good hopes for this game. 


  • 4.Valheim 

Steam Link:Valheim on Steam (steampowered.com) 


I believe this game is aiming to be out of early access this year in spring, game looks fun but a bit light on content or finished feeling content so hopefully the content updates this year fix that, looks- fun though. 


  • 5.Sons of Forest 


Steam LINK:Sons Of The Forest on Steam (steampowered.com) 

Sequel to the The Forest game the cannibal smart enemies look like a lot fun hoping this one turns out good and not janky/buggy at launch. 


  • 6.Silksong 

Trailer link:

You all already know what this is so I don’t need to say anything or share anything 


  • 7.Mina the hollower 


Steam Link:Mina the Hollower on Steam (steampowered.com) 

The new game from the yacht club team behind shovel knight. I think I heard the game is aiming to come out this year maybe probably near the end of the year. Looks quiet fun, seems like a Links Awakening style game but actually fun(don’t @ me Links Awakening wasn’t that fun for me).You have the dig mechanic where you can dive and emerge from the ground kinda like in Splatoon which seems fun and I am expecting this game to have a good amount of secret/side content.  


  • 8.AnotherCrabs  Treasure 


Steam Link: Another Crab's Treasure on Steam (steampowered.com) 

Going Under was a lot of fun so I am glad the team get to make a new game even if their game didn’t sell well. The devs were also the ones that told Team 17 to fuck off and that they don’t want anything to do with them anymore when they announced a whole NFT thing so mad respect for that especially since their game didn’t sell well so they probably really needed a publisher. The name of the team is Aggro Crab so I guess that’s why you're playing a crab. Seems like a light hearted chill Dark Souls like game but as a crab which sounds like nice simple fun. 


  • 9.Dredge 

Steam link:DREDGE on Steam (steampowered.com) 


Basically, the game is fishing mixed with love craft which sounds fun. I think they recently announced this game will be out in March so it will be out soon. 


  • 10.The Last Worker 


Steam trailer: The Last Worker on Steam (steampowered.com) 

I just thought it was neat that Robin William's daughter Zelda does some voice acting in this game. Seems like a very narrative focused game over gameplay but seems maybe interesting if you're into that genre or don’t mind it. It is aiming for 2023 as far as I can tell. 

  • 11.LIES of P 

Steam link: Lies of P on Steam (steampowered.com) 


I imagine the team behind this game is relatively big and more AAthen indie and that most here already know of the game but looks neat. Pretty much Bloodborne mixed with Pinocchio. The UI is a bit too directly copying Dark Souls imo but it looks neat in its gameplay and higher quality then the usually lower budgeted very directly Dark Souls like games. 

  • 12.Palworld 


Steamlink:Palworld on Steam (steampowered.com) 

This game will probably be kinda bad but I just find it funny how blatantly they have straight up ripped off Pokémon's design down to the T. It seems to be a random mix of like 12 different mechanics with shooting,tower defence ,cooking, automation building and a lot of other stuff. Again don’t expect anything amazing but this might be a dumb kind of fun for a few hours to check out maybe if it does come out this year like it’s aiming to. 


  • 13.Romancelevania 

Steam trailer: Romancelvania on Steam (steampowered.com) 


I had this game on my list for last year for October but seems the game has got delayed a few months but it is due out in a few months soon, I think. Looks fun, it’s a metroidvania game mixed with visual novel style dating mechanics and being very light hearted and not taking itself is seriously which is a nice change for metroidvania style game since imo a lot of them seem to take themselves very seriously from what I have seen. 


  • 14.Sea of Stars 


Steamlink:Sea of Stars on Steam (steampowered.com) 

I am sure most people know this game but it's nice to have a reminder. Not played Chrono Trigger yet but this game looks very fun with its gameplay and very pretty visuals. I really like the visual touch they have showed off lately in that there is a day night cycle and the time-of-day dynamically to a degree affects the lighting and shading of the pixel art visuals of characters and the environment. Looks very nice form what they showed off compared to other detailed pix art/sprite games. 

  • 15.Witchfire 


This game is aiming for 2023 as far as I can tell but this game is likely probably to get delayed. Looks kinda fun although it’s a bit hard to get a full idea of it yet. Seems like an FPS game mixed with magical enemies and maybe later magical abilities for the character to use in combat .I do believe they recently announced they reworked the game a while ago to turn it open worldish so I am kinda a good bit concerned of that just for me at least. 

Thanks for giving this blog a read. Let me know in the comments which games interested you and if you heard of any indie games here that looked cool but you haven’t heard of. Like I said at the start of this blog these games for this specific are probably nearly all well known by most here but I have plenty of other games to shout out in future blogs that I think a good amount of people haven’t heard of and look cool. 

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