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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #258 - Citting it Out


Featuring Final Fantasy 7 and Soul/Gospel.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

we're arriving at the end of the year. Temperatures have gone freezing and the days are short. The holidays are coming and people are either in a rush or trying to find some peace. It's the time of hot beverages, open fireplaces and a coziness while you sit out the darkness and wait for the sun to come back.

So what would be better than having a look at a song that sounds both epic and heartwarming? Like Cid's theme from Final Fantasy 7 (1997)?

This sequence has a very warm, gospel like tone that in comparable form can often be found in 1960s/70s soft rock songs that are to convey some sort of spiritual message, maybe soul or gospel. Some examples (aim mostly for the chords):

Van Morrison - Brand New Day (1970):

Ami Ozaki - "風の中" (1976):

Angel Comes Along (1988):

BORO - 大阪で生まれた女 (1979):

The next entry is on December 24th, christmas eve. And it will include a major piece from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Phil out!

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