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Characters I would like to see in Hades 2


Hades 2 was announced during The Game Awards, making me a very happy gal. It seems like the second game will maintain the tradition of having the main character - Melinoë this time - being offered boons by her Olympian family while also populating the game's world with other characters from Greek mythology.

As a fan of those myths, I keep wondering which names Supergiant will choose this time. Apollo's inclusion got me super excited since he's the Olympian I missed the most in the first game.



The Olympians

What other powerful gods will land us a hand? We'll definitely see returning family members, but I think Supergiant will give the spotlight to other gods as well, and I'm all here for it!

Hera: As the wife of Zeus and one of Chronos' children, Hera seems pretty much essential to this. People often see her as an annoying, jealous old woman (thanks, God of War 3), but that's making her a disservice. Writing my Greek mythology-inspired series has taught me a lot more about the gods, and Hera was a pleasant surprise. She has control over lightning (like Zeus), the winds (her most powerful element), the clouds, and rain. She's also a protectress of kingdoms and civilization and a patron of the Heraean games. And we can never forget how gas it was to see her boxing Artemis' ear with her own bow during the Illiad. In short, she's a badass!

As a Mother Goddess also known as a major nurturer of life, Hera could offer HP-enhancing boons. This, combined with mighty wind boons, can finally show her as the respectable goddess she is!


Hestia: Another daughter of Chronos (the firstborn!) who doesn't get nearly as much attention as she deserves. Unfortunately, there aren't many stories with Hestia, but that's the fun of retelling, right? Funny enough, in the old religion, Hestia often received the first offering at every sacrifice, before even Zeus.

Hestia, among other things, is the goddess of sacrificial fire, presenting a perfect opportunity to spicy the sequel up with fire-based boons!


Hephaestus: The last of the Olympians who didn't make it to the first game. As the god smith, he could replace Daedalus' Hammer, and I'd be fine with that if he's an actual character interacting with Melinoë. Apart from that, he could deliver some boons to make Melinoë stronger and more resistant to damage. If they really don't want Hestia in the game, Hephaestus could also hand out fire-based spells. Plus, if the "Dora" we see in the trailer truly is Pandora, then Hephaestus' inclusion might be even sweeter!

Zeus, due to his... history with his father Chronos, is pretty much confirmed to be in the game. Poseidon could be there as well. But I honestly hope Demeter won't, her boons are my least favourite from the first game lol (Unless they change her frost boons to... spring boons? Then it could be fun.)


But the Olympians will not be the only entities in the second game. Chronos is hell-bent on exacting his revenge against Olympus, and he surely won't be alone. What other Titans will we meet? Will all of them be our enemies? I hope not!


The Titans

I'm very excited to see what Supergiant will do with the Titans. Despite their imposing name, they don't have a lot of stories to their names. Some Titans seem to only exist so they could be the parents or grandparents of someone important. This is a great opportunity to build into their myths! Here are some names that I'd like to see:

Uranus/Gaia: Heaven and Earth, respectively, and Chronos' parents. Those are actually Primordial Gods, but I'll put them here. Uranus is imprisoned in Tartarus, but surprisingly enough, Gaia isn't even after leading the Giants against Zeus and the Olympians. This is a tough spot because on one hand, it makes a lot of sense for them to appear in the game, but if they do, they might be... neutral. It's safe to say Uranus harbours no love for his son. Gaia doesn't either. But neither do they have a lot of affection for the Olympian. Perhaps Uranus or Gaia (or maybe both?) will step into the role that belonged to Chaos in the first game?


Rhea: Chronos' wife (and sister) who helped young Zeus trick his father into vomiting the siblings he had swallowed. An interesting fact is that Gaia was the one who gave Rhea the advice to save Zeus (and, in some sources, Uranus was with her). She could be an important ally in Melinoë's quest! When I think of Rhea, I kind of visualise a character similar to the first game's Persephone.

Prometheus: The Titan who stole the fire from the gods and gifted it to humankind (and who may or may not have created humankind in the first place). A nice guy all around! Prometheus was one of the Titans who sided with the Gods during the Titanomachia, so he likely won't be aiding Chronos this time either. We met the tortured Sisyphos in the first game, so Prometheus could be another tormented soul in our journey as the eagle daily devours his liver. However, Prometheus isn't imprisoned in the Underworld. That wouldn't be such a big obstacle, but perhaps showing him after Heracles freed him would be more exciting. It seems like there were plays telling of Prometheus' life after he earned his freedom, but they're all lost. Plenty of room for Supergiant to explore!


Atlas: The Titan condemned to sustain the celestial spheres on his shoulders for eternity. While I'd like to chat with this guy, I can totally imagine him as one spectacular boss fight! Something like Lerne, an enemy with not too much movement but a lot of strength!


Helios/Selene: I don't know if the sun and the moon fit into the game's story, but I wanted to consider them. If any of them are to appear, Selene is the most likely choice since she, due to her lunar representation, is linked to both Artemis and Hecate. I can imagine some deadly Selene boons, like maybe blinding your enemies with darkness or having a special attack that slowly syphons the enemy's HP. Also, yes, they sided with the Gods during the Titanomachy/Gigantomachy (there's actually no mention of Selene during the Titanomachy, but Helios "abstained" from attacking the Gods, so we can assume Selene also did since they were both rewarded after the war).


Themis: And here we have yet another Titan who sided against her kind during the Titanomachy! As the personification of justice, law, and order (aye, she's the blind lass with the Scales of Justice), Themis could be a fascinating figure in this quest that involves retribution and an attempt at killing the Titan of Time. Not much a voice of reason, but someone who makes Melinoë question her actions, perhaps?

Typhon: Typhon's parentage is hard to pin down, with sources varying from Gaia and Tartarus, to Chronos, and to Hera alone (I told you she was a badass). Suffice to say that this is the terrible gigantic serpent who fathered many of the Greek monsters. He once challenged Zeus for control of the world, and when he lost, he was cast off into Tartarus, making him a possible and powerful ally to Chronos! We already encountered two of their children in the first game: the best boy Cerberus and our old friend Lerne. (Some sources also claim that either Gorgon - Medusa's mother - or the three Gorgons - which includes Medusa - are among their children too.) This time around, the Chimera could work very well as a mini-boss, while the Harpies (who may or may not be Typhon's offspring) could be an addition to the list of common enemies.


Phoebe: Phoebe is in an interesting position. She's the grandmother of Helios, Selene, and most important to the game, Hecate. Although Phoebe is known to have fought the Gigantomachy on the Gods' side, there are no words for whether she helped the Gods during the Titanomachy or not (the same with many other female Titans). There's room for Supergiant to create, and I think it might be interesting to have a certain conflict between Phoebe and Hecate.


Oceanus: While Poseidon rules over the seas, Oceanus is the seas! Or, at least, the personification of the great ocean that revolves around the Earth. Curious enough, Oceanus neither participated in overthrowing his father - Uranus - nor in the Titanomachy, though he sent his daughter Styx and her children to aid the Gods. (Fun fact: Cratos, the personification of strength, is one of Styx's children!) Prometheus seem to think of Oceanus as a coward, and that might an intriguing angle to explore. Perhaps Chronos can trip guilt his brother to aid him now? Possibilities!

Other Characters

Not only of Olympians and Titans is the cast made of! Here are some names to consider:

Chiron: The famous Centaur is yet another child of Chronos, this time with the water nymph Philyra. Consequently, Hades is his sibling, and he might be inclined to share his knowledge with young Melinoë! Perhaps a replacement for Skelly (who I admit is my least favourite character from the first game)?


Circe: Hecate is Melinoë's tutor and I love that, but when we talk about Greek witches, Circe is even more popular (and yes, Madeline Miller's incredible retelling contributed to that - go read it if you haven't yet!), not to mention she's considered the first witch from Greek mythology. Plus, while the main sources claim she's the daughter of Titan Helios and Oceanid Perse, other sources place her as Hecate's daughter with King Aeëtes who, in the first source, is her brother. Would be class to have her appear in the game; perhaps even with a side quest to help her get out of Aeaea?

Medea: Oh, Medea, Medea... one of the most tragic and brutal heroines (?) of Greek Mythology - and also one of my favourites! Now, here's the thing: whether you choose to accept Circe as Aeëtes' daughter or sister, Medea is one of Aeëtes' children, which links Medea with Circe in some way or another. But there's more: Medea herself is considered a sorceress/witch and a priestess of Hecate! Medea's life was... turbulent, to say the least. I'm sure she would be a prominent figure in the Underworld, and she could provide some useful help (or some subtle poison) to our hero Melinoê!


Keres: Nyx was a major character in the first game, and she was accompanied by two of her children, Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death), as well as her father, Chaos. Hades 2 will continue to introduce the Goddess of Night's offspring with the introduction of both Moros (Doom) and Nemesis (Retribution - and my future wife, Supergiant willing). The Keres, rather than a single entity, are often considered death spirits similar to the Norse Valkyries... except the Keres enjoy the bloodshed and consume the soul of those who died in battle. As another of Nyx's children, the Keres seems to fit well with the sequel's grimmer atmosphere.


Eris: Continuing with Nyx's incredible list of children, we have Eris (Strife). If the name sounds familiar, that's because of the "Aspect of Eris" that can be unlocked for the Adamant Rail in the first game. Since she was already mentioned, could she now make an official appearance?


Moirai: Better known as Sisters of Fate, they are also children of Nyx! In a game where the goal is to kill Chronos, Titan of Time, bringing Fate to the table sounds like a no-brainer. Many stories have featured the Sisters, and I'm curious to see how Supergiant would adapt them (definitely not like GOW 3, that was grotesque).

Heracles: In the first game, we met Achilles and Theseus. How about the guy considered the greatest of the Greek heroes? Heracles is a peculiar case. After his death, he ascended to Olympus, so he could be one of the fellows offering us boons. But he could be an enemy too! During his life, Heracles killed a bunch of monsters, chthonic ones among them, and he might be persuaded that Melinoë is another labour for him to complete, perhaps as a way to reunite with the family he killed. Possibilities!


Odysseus: Speaking of heroes, we had my beloved Achilles and Patroclus in the first game, so why not continue with the "Iliad" and present Odysseus as one of those shades in the House of Hades?! Having earned the epithet "metis," which translates to "wise, cunning," I'm sure Odysseus would be a fantastic conversationalist! Perhaps not as friendly or warm as Achilles, but still a fun character to interact with. If Circe is in the game, it might give for a fascinating side quest if Supergiant goes with the version that Odysseus was accidentally killed by Telegonos, the son he had with Circe - Telegonos himself could play a small role in it.


Cyclopes/Hecatoncheires: Apart from the Titans, Gaia also gave birth to those two other classes of creatures. I can picture the Cyclopes as common enemies of a more advanced area, but imagine having one of the Hecatoncheires as a boss fight! Basically, they're giant monstrosities with fifty heads and one hundred arms - the game would probably reduce those numbers, but they could still give for a fearsome opponent!

All right, I should stop here or I'll continue talking about this game until we can finally play it! Whether all the characters listed here appear in the game or none of them do, I know I'll have a blast with Hades 2 anyway!

Do you have any theories for Hades 2? Any characters you'd like to see in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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