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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #255 - Summer of Improvisation


Featuring Final Fantasy IV, Jpop and Latin.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

Final Fantasy series continues, this time with the fourth part from 1991 which is full of romantic love songs. Originally, this entry would have been about Lydia's theme.

Unfortunaly, I noticed that the relatively strong candidate that I had in mind had already been found by several people: Summer of '42 by Michel Legrand, a jazz standard. So unless I find something better, I will not revisit it.

So instead I present you the other famous character theme which is also a staple on orchestral collections: Theme of Love, also known as Rosas theme:

First of all there are several songs in japanese pop culture that make use of similar progressions. Here we go:

Yumi Matsutoya - "Kanran Rasha ( Ferris Wheel )" (1978):

Seiko Matsuda - "With You" (1983):

I suspect that the melody originally came from latin love songs. Some examples:

José Feliciano - "Sabor A Mi" (before 1972):

Tito & Luis Los Kenton - "Si No Te Conociera Bien" (1985):

Oh, maybe one more sample for the later part of Theme of Love:

Grupo Niche - Busca Por Dentro (1990):

And Final Fantasy series goes on!

Phil out.

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