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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #250 - Ghost in the Shell Prompt


Featuring Megaman & Bass and mostly Salsa.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

to close off the classics series, a look of an uncommon entry: Megaman & Bass (aka Rockamn & Forte) which is part of the classic series but not a numbered entry. It was released in Japan in 1998 during the end of the Super Famicoms lifespan and includes some bosses that otherwise only appeared in Mega Man 8. It was rereleasedfor the Gameboy Advance in 2003, this version as also released in the west.

The following snippet is from the song "Capsule Room". It is also used in special area on the stage select screen where you collect some bonuses:

Since the melody is pretty simple, I shall focus on style in my assumptions. My hypothesis is that is based on a certain type of spooky, jazz-flavored latin music that was most prevalent in the 70s. Some examples:

Angel Carnares - "Aguardiente" (1977):

Latin Tempo - "Raro Y Sabroso Montuno" (1977):

As an oddball, the 1981 song with the coincidental title "Computer Games" by funk artist George Clinton:

There might be another Megaman & Bass entry next week, otherwise we'll be going forward to X.

Phil out.

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