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Morgan Nickel


David woke to thunderous knocking at his front door.

Angry and ready to tear someone a new asshole, he grabbed his baseball bat from the closet, ran down the stairs and threw open his front door, ready to start pounding whoever it was to quivering jelly hd porn

Instead, soft female flesh fell against him, filling his arms as the silhouette of the person standing on his porch tried to knock again only to discover the door was no longer there and stumbled forward to fall against him.

He smelled Kim's familiar sweet scent along with the strong smell of alcohol coming from her pores. He felt her large firm breasts pressing against him as his large belly pressed onto her.

"You fuckin' old bastard you blackmailed me into having sex wish you," she slurred, catching her balance somewhat and pounding his flabby chest with her little fists. "I tol' you you'd ne'er have me again an I meant it!"

She wobbled on her feet and wrapped her arms around his fat neck when he caught her around the waist and pressed her harder against him. She leaned her head down on his shoulder.

"I'm tired," she whispered. "I think I need to go to sleep, but I can't go home."

She sighed, bathing his face with her sweet alcohol laced breath.

"I'm too wasted. I'll wake everybody up jerkoff

She hiccuped and he felt her arms go limp and her body became a dead weight.

She was passed out drunk in his arms. He could feel his rock hard cock pressed tightly against her firm belly.

He reached down, put an arm behind her legs and hitched her up in his arms. She was firmly muscled and heavier than he'd assumed.

She groaned, put her arms around his neck again and leaned her beautiful face against his saggy cheek.

He turned around, kicked the front door shut and puffed and gasped as he carried her up the stairs to his room where he dumped her unceremoniously onto his bed. She moaned and turned her head away when he turned on the light to get a better look at her.

Holy shit!

She was wearing a skin tight white miniskirt that came down maybe three inches below her panty covered treasure, not quite high enough to show her panties. She wore a thigh length light tan cardigan over a white tank top that also hugged her like a second skin, showing a half cut, white and lacy Victoria's Secret bra. He fairly drooled at the sight of her large firm breasts rising and falling gently as she breathed. Shiny panty hose and white three inch heels finished off her ensemble. He wondered how she'd been able to walk in the things in her state.

Her long wavy blonde hair was spread on his smelly stained pillow, shining like spun gold.

She lay sprawled on his dirty blankets, dead to the world... ready for him, though she didn't know it.

She stood over her, mouth open, gasping for breath. A steady flood of drool pooled at the corners of his gaping mouth, dripped off his chin, fell onto his flabby chest and soaked into his heavily holed, dirty white t-shirt. He took her all in, filling his eyes with her, as he'd fill her with his seed again before the next hour was over.

Wait. Was this some sort of trick?

He leaned down, tipped her chin down with a dirty finger and put his nose to her open mouth, smelling her breath. Oh yeah, that was alcohol for sure. He could smell a sweet orange tang, but not a specific alcohol so he assumed she'd been downing screwdrivers all night long.

He slurped up his spittle, rushed over to the window, pulled the curtains aside slightly and scanned the entire block.

No people around, not a sound from outside, only crickets chirping and the far off sounds of traffic. He let the curtain fall back into place and turned around to feast his eyes again on the treasure lying in his bed. The light from his nightstand bathed her wonderfully porn hd

He could see her underwear through her pantyhose from where he stood. He wasn't disappointed that she was wearing white boy short panties. He thought they were sexy as hell. Then again, she could make a burlap bag look sexy.

He gulped and lumbered towards her. He didn't understand why she'd come. She'd made it pretty clear that she'd have nothing to do with him and yet here she was, laying spread eagle on his bed.

A thought came to him. He went to his desk and flipped open his laptop, turned on the webcam, started recording and angled it on the bed.

Goddamn! It was too far away.

He unplugged it and set it on the night stand, plugged it back in and angled it until it was perfectly able to capture everything on the bed. He went back to his desk and dug around for his high end 4K video camera. One he'd bought with the hope of recording this same beauty through her window.

This was so much better.




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