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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #247 - Shadow Dancer (Not that one!)


Featuring Mega Man 3, Blues and Dancepop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

after Mega Man 2 has finished, now we come to Mega Man 3 (1990). With the stage theme of the Robot Master many people regard as the hardest: Shadow Man:

Some people compared this to Michael Jacksons "Bad" which sounds founded as it uses similar components (blues, dancepop). But as often in live there are other songs that use similar components.

The beginning is a pretty basic blues sequence. There is probably a lot of songs that have this so I'll just put in one song (which is from Reggae):

For the part at 0:08 you occasionally hear comparable sequences in japanese dance pop:

Yoko Oginome - "Roppongi-Junjo-Ha" (1986):

Instinctively I would say this is rooted in blues too. It has the same feeling of several blues backings I heard in the past. For example, this one by Muddy Waters:

Muddy Waters - "I'm Ready" (1978):

Louis Jordan - "Saturday Night Fish Fry" (1949):

Boogie Woogie Red - "Old Time Shuffle" (1977):

For the last part at 0:46, at least for the first 13 or so notes, there exist several samples in disco music with a comparable curvature. Just like remixed as piano blues:

Yuko Ohtaki  - A Boy ( 1980 ):

Gipsy & Queen - "Brown Sugar" (1987):

Eve - "Bon Beat" (1987):

There is a sample by Gary Low that opens a little bit differently but finished more closely:

Gary Low - "You are a danger" (1982):

You also occasional hear something with similar curvature in latin pop:

Neckorama - "Count Robin" (1983):

I suspect that this may be from Boogie. I'll post here if I find a "smoking gun".

I think I'll have to gather some more material on Mega Man 3. So we'll continue with Mega Man 4 right away next week!

Phil out.

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