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The End of Black Red Gaming


After almost six years of writing, I have decided to discontinue Black Red Gaming. Back in March, I announced that I was beginning to wind down but didn’t know how long it would be before I close up shop. Well, that time has come now.

As I stated in the Winding Down blog, I stopped pursuing a career in games journalism and instead started focusing on public relations. For awhile, I thought that maybe I could do games PR and stick to the writing, but over time that too began to fade. With my focus shifting more and more towards public relations writing, I found myself with less time and energy to give to games writing. Also, my time in general has gotten more limited, and I have found myself drifting away from games overall as a result. I still enjoy playing them, but I no longer care to be up-to-date on releases and news and whatnot.

To be clear, I still enjoy the writing. I enjoyed the writing I did here, and I enjoy the writing I do elsewhere such as for my internship with a minor league baseball team. It is not due to a lack of love for writing or for games that I end this blog. I am simply just in a different stage in my life where my love for writing is shifting away from this. I am starting to put more focus into my career, and while the writing I do here helps with certain aspects of it, I just don’t think allocating my time and energy to this is the best course of action.

I already pretty much stated all of the reasons why I’m ending this blog in my Winding Down blog, so there isn’t really much to say here. It’s been a lot of fun creating content, fleshing out my ideas, and interacting with the community, but now it is time to move on. Thank you for all the fun between here, Black Red Gaming, and Giant Bomb, and I hope that video games continue to be as great in the future as they were when I was writing about them.

-Ben Guthrie

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