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Some cool Indie games out this September


Hey thought I would try this type of blog again this month give it a look if it intrests you. This is just me saying and showing intresting looking indie games that I saw are out in this month September 2022. I have listed the games below with trailers for all of them and a quick description of what the game seems like from my quick look at them. If any of the games shown here intrests you then please go to their steam page and wishlist them if you want to. A good chunk of the indie games are lesser known/less adeveritsied then bigger or more known indie games so wishlisting really helps with steam with visbility for indie games. Hope you enjoy the blog and find some games that intrest you!There is a nice mix of game genres this month of indie games it seems.


  • Temtem

A Pokémon like MMO game but where you battle in 3 vs 3 battles and I think it doe still have a single player story to go through. Combat seems more in depth then Pokémon and focuses on I think stat debuff and buffs being essential to win battles and other mechanics seems a decent bit hard maybe. I will note it has gone from very positive steam user reviews to mixed steam user reviews lately. The  reviews just seemed to be annoyed with a season pass made for just cosmetics in a game that is $35 I think but the flood of more recent  negative reviews then usual  don’t seem to be on the gameplay or anything else.


  • Grounded


A survival game where you apply as a kid shrunk down and survive in a garden outside so your tiny. Seems okay enough got pretty popular for a while I think online. Out of early access this month.


  • Metal Hellsinger

A Doom  like game (like modern Doom 2016/Doom Eternal not the older Doom games) that has the twist where you do everything to the beat so shoot and reload and the like to the beat of the games music. A single player game seems like it might be good fun and I personally liked what I have heard of the soundtrack so far and the gameplay shown.


  • Potion Permit

Somebody here on dtoid posted in a qtoid about how much Pqube the publisher for this game and a lot of other indie games is fucking over a development team on a another indie game  that Pqube published their game just so people know. Of course just know that’s nothing to do with the people making the games doing something wrong or bad  its all on the publisher fault. This game has a nice pixel style to it, you scavenge around to find materials to make options to help the villagers in your town and you can chat and socialise with the town it seems.


  • Sunday Gold

Interesting sounding mix of games if it pulls off making most of  the gameplay fun  this should be a fun time. Basically a pint and click adventure game gameplay  with escape rom style puzzles and turn based combat So essentially your solving puzzles to get of escape like rooms, point and click sections where your uncovering mysteries and solving them and then turn based combat when dealing with enemies, Has a prologue so basically a free demo to play now and full game launches September 13th.


  • Return to Monkey Island

Don’t think I need to say what this is but it’s a new point and click adventure game in the monkey Island game launching on Switch as timed exclusive for a bit this month. I think they got back all the old voice actors of older Monkey Island games so that’s pretty neat. Expecting this one to be a fun breezy ride.


  • Steelrising

I believe this another 3D single player souls like game so stamina  focused slowerish combat. I think its set in medieval franc e in the countryside where a king has gained roots enemies to rule over everybody so you go fight them. Quite nice for looking for a 3D indie game I think it is.


  • Romancelvania

Seems like a mix of visual novel like dating parts with a metrodavania game which actually sounds like a neat enough idea for a very oversatured gaming are in indie games. Also supposed to be comedy focused and  a parody of more popular well known  metoridvania games I think. Also has pumpkin waifu character with two large pumpkins for boobs so game will probably do good or sell good a least on steam. Visually doesn’t look too bad with it begun 2D game with  3D  visuals.


  • Airoheart

Not of interest to me but seems like its trying to be just like old school top down Zelda gems so if your hungry for more of that style of game then this will be out soon.


  • Chenso Club

A roguelite 2d co-op game, animation wise looks nice and pretty fluid


  • From Space

Isometric twin stick shooter with bobble head like characters could seem like simple fun if not too padded out. Has co-op I think and is also coming to Steam and Stadia and its just funny games are still technically coming to Stadia now it seems


  • Lovecrafts Untold Stories 2

Rogue lite isometric action game with a neat enough looking setting of Lovecraftian.


  • Blind Fate edo no yami

2D neon sword hack and slashing does seem actually kinda fun maybe probably not much story with this if I were to guess visually not too bad either.


  • Jack Move

Looks like a fun pretty pixel cyberpunk JRPG big fan of hearing they are trying to keep it shortish around 10 to 12 hours. Less 60 hour JRPG games and more 20ish one please imo.


  • Freedom Planet 2

Pretty much like older 2D Sonic games with a bit more focus on story a small bit and more speed and combat, people genraly seemed to like the firs so if your into Sonic keep an  eye on this one I reckon.


  • Dome Keeper

Looks like a sort of rogue lite game where similar to the games  Steam World Dig 1,2.You dig yourself downwards and mine resource sand then go up to the surface to do a  tower defence 2D like part where you protect your dome in the middle of the screen  looks maybe fun!


  • No Place for Bravery

Seems like a isometric rogue lite nice art, kinda wish it wasn’t a rogue lite because combat does look fun maybe.


  • Soulstice

Nice looking I guess “souls like” 3D action game, I believe it has a central gimmick here you control two characters at  once which if so sounds fun, the Platinum made game  Astral Chain was pretty fun at doing two characters at once for its combat.


  • Moonscars

2D Metroidvania game with some quiet nice animation and pixel art, reminds me of a faster looking version of the game Blasphemous hopefully the combat is fun and the game has a  lot of different enemies and bosses to fight that are fun.


  • Isonzo

Seems like a W1  multiplayer game set in Italy might be cool. I never unusually play WW1/2 multiplayer games but for those who like those games this might be neat.


  • Railbound

Neat looking puzzle game where you place tracks to guide trains to the end of a level.


  • Gloomwood

Published by New Blood Interactive so it’s a given this will most likely be great .Has a older style of graphics kidnap emulating ps2 graphics but it does look quiet nice in motion as somebody like me who has no nostalgia for the ps2. Pretty much like Thief with bigger levels so stealth focused and exploring big levels. Will launch in early access with Act 1 of 3 there at launch I believe.


  • Golazo 2

Football game with more a anime  visual influence maybe I guess you would  call it seems fun though maybe for sports game fans.


  • Nine Noir Lives

Comedy point and click noir game with well cats obviously, more point and click adventure games now are very welcome since we never really see big AAA point and click adventure games although I guess we git monkey island this month.


  • Kaichu the kaiju dating sim

You play as Kaichu and try to flirt with other kaiju big monsters by smashing up city, buildings, landmarks  etc around the world . by answering questions seems dumb but maybe fun.


  • Trifox

Play aa a fox in a twinstick isometric action game where you have a few abilities on maybe cooldowns and shooting with guns  seems like it might be a bit fun with hopefully having coop  and I think seems like it has a few puzzles in between the action and set piece parts like fighting on a minecart.


  • Fray makers

I think this was supposed to drop in Early Access last month. Basically, seems like a 2D platform fighter game like Smash Bros but for a crossover of indie games and assist characters from loads of different indie games. Will have a pretty good level and character editor to make your own levels and completely new fighters. By the team that online fan game  Super Smash Flash which was a very big fan game like Smash that you can play online on Flash and was a crossover of loads of random characters across media and with lots of mods of new characters and stages.


  • Slime Rancher 2

Farming game where you go into the world and find and bring back slimes and feed them up so you can sell slimes and the product they make, cute and relaxing game dropping in early access this month.


  • Ooblets

Similarly a cute and relaxing looking farming game with sort of turn based card Battles where your captured and raised Ooblets(creatures like Pokemon or Pikmin that you raise up and care for  through farming and fighting) do dance battles to fight, Not on Steam now but it will be on Switch right now to check out!


  • Tower Princess

A 3D action game that seems rogue lite form what  can tell where you try to get to the princess crocodile  at the top of the tower.


  • Broken Pieces

Described as psychological thriller I imagine its not much focused on survival horror gameplay  and more a narrative focused psychological  thriller game. 3D game with you solving a mystery in a French costal village. At less on paper it sounds like it could be an engaging story/game.


  • One Dreamer

Some pretty nice pixel art and animation  where it seems like I think your somebody making a video game maybe in the far future. I haven’t looked much into it so probably wrong about what the game is about  but it does sure look pretty and out in the next few days from now  so keep an eye on it.


  • Little Orpheous

A previous Apple phone exclusive game coming to modern platforms looks quiet pretty for originally a  phone game. Seems inspired by Flash I think it was called that old  cinematic 2D game from the 90’s I think it was.


  • Foretales

I think this is a card based rogue lite game  that works on a 3 card space for you and your opponents  and maybe a bit more story then usual and unique actions you can do with cards based on certain enemies then just attacking them for set damage only.


  • Rune Fencer Illyia

I believe this is a 2D  game with a good amount of combat and exploring but I don’t think it’s a metroidvania game maybe. You can stela runes form enemies sot make new weapons, spells,attacks etc.  probably similar to how its done in some  Nintendo console DS Castelavania games and the game Bloodstained Ritual of the Night where you can copy and steal enemies movesets to use yourself for attacking,


  • Legend of Heros Trails from Zero


I don’t much of this series but a few dtoid people here seem to quite like them. JRPGS with traditional turn based combat, I think this game is a spin off from mainline Trails games so maybe you don’t need to paly previous trials game first also think if I remember right this game came out in like 2010 in Japan but never got a English translation until now .People seem excited for it though so maybe keep a eye on it if your JRPG fan. I think people usually praise the story and characters with the combat in these games with some people saying the games put an impressive amount of time and development to its side characters aswell which is really nice to hear if true since side characters usually get the short stick in most JRPG games imo.


  • There is No Light

Seems fun,quite nice pixel art and animation I believe it has been described to play like a isometric souls like game so I assume that means it has a stamina focus with its combat. The use of a Souls like description for games  doesn’t mean much to me personally  but it seems like a fun isometric single player adventure game with spells sword and a slowesrish focused combat model.


  • Wayward Strand

I know trailer says July last year for its release date  but it actually coming out September 15th this month just a more old trailer. A quiet nice looking 2D story focused  game with a water paint like visuals in a paper style that feels kinda comic book like. You play as a kid in a flying hospital in 1970 rural Australia and you uncover stories that happen in real time and choices you make which sounds neat to me. Wish more games did stories or things that happen in real time in the world or regardless of you the payer being there or not although I assume the game doesn’t quiet do this as extreme as that with needing to manage your time in the game carefully to help or interact with every character in the game.


  • Despots Game Dystopian Army Builders

Coming out of early access, I think I remember a few people being quiet positive of this game back in its early access. Seems to be like a rogue little tactical auto battler game where you raise up armies of things to fight monster sand the like. Also seems to say it has PVP multiplayer options interestingly enough.


  • Serial Cleaners

Top down stealth action game with more gameplay then story focus where you play as the person called in to clean up crime scenes for killers after they  killed a bunch of people there  and you do so while trying to avoid the cops and hiding what your doing to anybody. First game was generally receive as an interesting idea but kinda iffy exaction so hopefully this sequel is the idea realized fully.


  • Justice Sucks

Pretty similarish to serial cleaners and also a sequel if a game with iffy reception I think, you’re a Roomba like vacuum cleaner that goes about killing people and cleaning up after then while being hunted down


  • Scrap Riders

Beat’em up adventure single player game with melee and gun weapons to use  I think you play as a member of the outlaw bikers and you go through wastelands probably Mad Max Style. Again the trailer says September 2021 for its launch date but it’s a old trailer and its actualy launching this month so September 21st  2022


  • Lunistice

3D platformer like game where you play level by level game might be fun  not sure if its still going for launching September of this year.


  • Shovel Knight Dig

Spin off shovel knight game where tis a rogue lite where you contiously try to shovel downwards  dealing with enemies and collecting gems and beating bosses. Seems like it might be quiet fun and was just recently announced to be out this Month.


  • Outbound Ghost

A Paper Mario seeming like Adventure turn based RPG with 2D paper like visuals for characters in 3D environments so just like visually how the Paper Mario games are done. It’s a game with the main characters all being  ghosts. Seems neat and has been worked on for a good long while now.


  • Whateverland

Point and click adventure game might be neat not fully sure what its main focus story wise yet.


  • Moonbreaker

Game made by the team that made Subnantica, the game is a turn  based game where you use characters that are figurines that can be freely painted in game. Has multiplayer and I think a single player story will launch in early access this month could be fun. 


  • You suck at parking

You 24/7. Seems like a neat twist on  racing game where your goal is to try and come to a complete stop at the end of a level while driving fast through 100 unique  levels.


  • Chambers of Devious Design

I think this a rogue lite or a base building game where your building rooms to kills stuff similarly to   simpler looking Dungeon Keepers game maybe.


  • Egghead Grumpty

I don’t really know anything of the game just I thought the egg monster with the “creepy mouth” on it looked pretty funny. Might be an interesting horror game or another to add to the trash pile of quick rushed out horror jump scare games littered all over Steam.


  • Hyper Violent

Might be neat dropping in early access 9th September seems like a Doom like game  with 3D weapons similar I guess to Warlock1,2,  Prodeous, etc.


  • The Gallery

A FMV thriller game so essentially a movie where you make choices during it with two narratives throughout of one set in1981 where you play a female protagonist sand a another one in  2021 where you play as a male protagonist so probably focusses a good but on that choice aspect. It seems like if your if your into those games seems maybe well made or at least its trying to be serious and not comedy focused FMV game.


  • Death Below


I can’t seem to find a trailer for this game even though it has a trailer for it on steam because You Tube keeps thinking I mean a different game Deaths Door which is a complete different game when you look up death blow game trailer so I will link its Steam page instead

The game is described as I think a third person action-adventure game with elements of Survival horror and over the shoulder I think so probably like a more serious Resident Evil 4 like game. Game visually seems a bit ugly/basic but it might be a fun time.


  • Catmaze

Again old trailer this only came out this year this month from what I can see. Simple but nice enough looking metroidvania that I think is out right now maybe give it a look.


Anyway thanks for reading through this all if you did and hope you saw some cool indie games you didn't hear of before that may intrest you in trying out!

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