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Extra Life Mini Stream - 8/20!


What: Final Fantasy 14
When: Aug. 20th, from 12 CST until ???
Where: twitch.tv/taterchimp
Why: Extra Life is running their tabletop appreciation week!  I don’t have any tabletop games that I want to play, and I have never gotten into Final Fantasy 14.  


The goal is to reach $100 dollars raised.  Why so low?  Well, this isn’t going to be my second annual Extra Life stream, instead this is just because I want the incentive for participating (a dice rolling tray!)  Oh, and to help kids.  Please note I have no idea how to make a new event, so the rolling total is shown, and I will be updating the total on display during the stream live.

Most of my usual donation incentives will not be live for this, but there are a few bonuses that I can add on special to this stream:

  • Play Dark Souls until I reach Anor Londo: $50.
  • Sing a Song: $10  Call your song, and I’ll do my best to sing along.

If there are other miscellaneous requests, I can certainly entertain those at my own discretion, so let me know anything you would like me to do for cash!

The big reward for reaching the goal is that I have a Paqui One Chip Challenge.  It’s a super spicy tortilla chip.  Like, the grocery store had a warning and everything.  If we meet the goal before 5:30 CST I will eat the chip at 6:00.  Otherwise, once we hit goal, I will eat it at that time.

I hope to see some familiar faces there!


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