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Cool indie games coming out in August 2022


Hey, too lazy and too sunny now for me to add much more to this but just thought I would spent a little time and look at the cool indie games coming out this month and share them here. Hopefully somebody here finds a new game to check out that intrests them.Maybe later or some other time I might add in proper descriptions of each of the games and their release date paltforms and images but maybe not. Anyway hope the trailers intrest you in some games shown!

  • Ultrakill Act 2

Act 2 of 3 of a FPS game with a focus on beign really fast with really creative and fun weapons mixed with kidna devil may cry elements in a FPS game. Score style  meter, weapons can be switched and comboed into with different weapons, slam down move to juggle enemies in the air etc. I love this game personaly and after ACT 2 the price will increase so now is a good chance to get this.


  • Rollerdome

Made by the Olli Olii skateboard game.Basicaly a skating game kidna like the Tony Hawk games but mixed with guns enemies and dodging.Looks like it will be one of the highlights of this month!




  • Frogun

Simple but pleasing looking level by level game looks fun enough.



  • Cult of the Lamb

Isometric roguelite where you are a lamb managing a cult and fighting enemies seems pretty fun and quiet nice art style.



  • Arcade Pardaise

By day you look after a laundourmat and keep it runnign doing hcores in it, by night you then manage a arcade in secret. 30 arcades to buy and set up for customers and each arcade is a playable mingame.



Camp Canyonwood

Don't starve looking artstyle where you set up a summer camp for animals



  • Backpack Hero

A turn based rogue lite built all aroudn the idea of inventory mamagement like you would do in Resident Evil 4 etc but as a main mechanic.Seems quiet unique and maybe fun.



  • Fashion Police Squad

FPS game where your using fashion guns to fix enemies bad fashion taste. Looks like you more switch tot eh right guns for the right enemies and hit them once to ebat them isntead of filling them with bullets or shooting them a lot.Seems like it could be fun and charming.



  • Midnight Fight Express

Isometric game where your most likely going through a  good amount of set pieces beating the shit out of people looks pretty fun.



  • Redshot

Bullet time(as in slwo motion while shooting ability with guns) 2D metrodivania game.Seems fun check it out.



  • Scathe

FPS roguelite bullethell with up to four player coop seems like it could be maybe pretty fun.



  • Gigabash

3D arena brawler where you play as big monsters in city monsters like King kong and the like but not directly King Kong.Destructoid has a review here of it check it out!



  • Lost in Play

2D hand drawn point and click narrative/puzzle looking game.Might be fun.



  • Blossom Tales 2

Very  directly Zelda top down like game, first game is relatively fun so this will probably be at least as good or better then the first.


  • Orx

Isometric Wave tower defence game where you fight thousands of enemies at once.



  • Farther Frontier

Made by the Grim Dawn team, grim dawn is a game like diablo. This game is basicaly seems like a mediveal city builder like game.



  • Cursed to Golf

2D rogue lite golf game with a lot of creative looking mechanics, as somebody who hates Golf this still looks very fun to me.



  • I was a Teenage Expcolosnist

Basicaly seems like a visual novel game mixed with stragety game, lot of choices to make and endings, 18 endings I think might be good.



  • Tinykin

Very Pikmin like game with more a focus on puzzles and exploring then combat or bosses. Your a person shrunk down to the size of a bug and tiny and the whole game is set in one big house. Looks really neat.



  • Timothy and the Tower of Mu

Simple retro inspired hard 2D adventure game might be fun for some.



  • South of the Circle

Simple narrative game might be nice and nice simple art style.



  • Immorality

FMV game made by the guy who made Her Story. No idea what it will be like but Her Story was pretty good even for a FMV game.




  • Two Point Campus

Sequel sort of to Two Point Hospital.You manage and build a unviersity, much more focused on silly fun stuff then just being really accurate or realistic.Check out the Destructoid review here by Zoey to learn mroe of the game but it does seem quiet fun.



  • Monster Outbreak

Isometric pixel sprited gaem where you hunt scavenege and fight might be fun for some.


  • Silksong

GOTY of 2020,2021 and now 2022, really well done metrodivania finished it yesterday myself and highly reccomend it.



  • Hard West 2

Turn based game a bit like Xcom but with cowboys and supernatural stuff like witches, zombies etc.Story/character seem a bit iffy but gameplay seems maybe fun.



  • Zapling Bygone

Cool enough looking 2D metroidvanis game where you paly as a green alien blob thing with long legs.



  • Turbo Golf Racing

Multiplayer game a bit like rocket league control wise where you drive cars around and race to hit a golf ball towards a golf hole in a level.



  • Tyrants Blessing

Seems very much like a singleplayer game like Into The Breach and with a story.Seems like it could be very fun basicaly a isometric stragety turn based game.


  • Monstertribe

isometric pixel game where you can cpature and use monsters.




  • Neodash

Fun looking neon game where you race through levels fast and can switch between tracks and kinda glide, looks like ti could be pretty neat to me



Slaycation Pardaise

Isometric Tower defence game where you explore and scavenge in a world and build up a base with tower defence stuff against waves of enemies



  • A walk with Yiavia

Simple looking spite isometric narrative focused game.



  • Earths Shadow

3D kidna bullet lite hell looking game might be kidna cool maybe.



  • Retreat to Enen

Simple chill survial game no enemies and focuses on doing meditation or something I think.



  • Vanaris Taticts

Isometric turn based stragety game seems lot like a Final Fantasty Taticts like game. Could be fun, art looks a bit iffy but gameplay might be fun which is the most important part of a game like this.



Gun Devil

Simple but fun looking and focused  2D level based game.Seems like it could be a fun short time.



  • The Mourtary Asistant

I think this is a FPS narrative horror like game where you cut open and inspect dead bodies with a main story inbetween this.Don't know much of this game or looked at it much though.



  • A tale of paper unfolded

Simple 2D narative focused game with puzzles.



  • Fray makers

A fun looking 2D platform game that looks like it plays a bit like Smash Ultimate. Team behidn this made the Smash Flash game for 10 years so I reckon this game is in good hands and should be fun if it isn't rushed. Indie crossover 2D paltform fightign game and you can use assist attacks of even more indie crossover characters. Has loads of mod support like Rivals of Aeither so you can make new compeltely unique fightes and stages in the game.Has August this year on steam as release window but I reckon that will be delayed




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