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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #238 - Hammer Tune


Featuring Donkey Kong, New Wave and Salsa.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

still in summer mode. Longing for the island. Strange plants and wildlife. Unless one of them kidnaps your girlfriend. Then you need a hammer. Which saves you from the worst, but prevents progress cause you can't climb ladders. Well, you can't have women AND hammers I guess. At least you have a catchy tune. Like in the original Donkey Kong from 1981:

In 1980, the british New Wave band "The Monochrome Set" produced a song with the title "The Etcetera Stroll" whose central guitar theme sounds very similar to the hammer sequence. Listen closely:

Originally, the jingle may have come from caribbean music where many comparable trupport outbursts can be found:

Ray Barretto & Adalberto Santiago - "Ahora Si" (1968):

More Summer!

Phil out.


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